A woman walking along a path in the clevedon scenic reserve one of the best walks in auckland

15 Best Walks & Hikes in Auckland

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Auckland is a large multicultural city surrounded by beautiful nature, situated between two stunning harbors and dotted with over 50 extinct volcanoes. The landscape is full of walks perfect for relaxation and adventure. So let’s dive in and find out about all of the best walks in Auckland!

1. Mercer Bay Loop (Best Walk in Auckland Overall)

Distance: 2.1 km/1.3 mi
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

The Mercer Bay Loop is a walk I didn’t even know existed until recently. That was despite me spending most of my life in Auckland. I was definitely missing out because it is for sure one of the best walks in Auckland!

The walk is located next to Piha which is one of the best beaches in Auckland. It is just a 45-minute walk but is packed full of amazing scenery.

The trail winds along the top of enormous sea cliffs with huge waves pounding the rocks at the bottom. For an in-depth Mercer Bay Loop description check out this article.

Giant sea cliffs on the Mercer Bay Loop Walk one of the best walks in Auckland

2. Omanawanui Track (Best Coastal Walk Auckland)

Distance: 4.8 km/3 mi
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

The Omanawanui Track is another spectacular walk in West Auckland that I never knew existed despite being an Aucklander. It is a close call between the Mercer Bay Loop and the Omanawanui Track for the most spectacular walk in Auckland.

Be prepared for a lot of stairs on the Omanawanui Track. It will take you up a steep hill from Whatipu Beach with amazing views over the entrance to the Manukau Harbour. The path goes up and down hills along a ridgeline with huge cliffs plunging into the ocean.

It will be a good workout if you are not in good shape. But the views are well worth it and it is one of the best walks in Auckland! Check out a full hike description here.

A woman in a denim jacket and black leggings on one of Aucklands best nature walks the Omanawanui Track

3. Mount Eden (Auckland City Walk)

Distance: 2.1 km/1.3 mi
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Mount Eden is one of the most well-known hills in Auckland to hike for tourists. It is located right next to the city center and offers awesome views of the whole city.

Auckland sits on top of an active volcanic zone with over 50 volcanoes that have erupted throughout history. Luckily none of them have erupted recently. But it is just a matter of time before one does!

There are many other volcanoes on this list but Mount Eden is a good one to start with. The walk to the top is not too difficult and there is a nice boardwalk at the top to enjoy the views from.

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Sunset from the top of Mount Eden which is one of the best walks in Auckland
A purple sunset over the top of Auckland New Zealand

4. Rangitoto Summit Track

Distance: 5.1 km/3.2 mi
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Rangitoto is one of the icons of Auckland that you will always see sitting majestically in the Waitemata Harbour. It is the most recently active of the Auckland volcanoes erupting about 600 years ago. It is one of the few volcanoes in Auckland that looks like a volcano.

The Rangitoto Summit Track will take you to the top of Rangitoto for awesome views of Auckland and the harbor. On the track to the top, you can see lava flows between the native bush and even explore some lava caves.

To get to the start of the track you will need to catch a ferry from downtown Auckland. A return ferry ticket costs 53 NZD (32 USD). There are limited departures from Rangitoto to Auckland so do not miss your ferry. Otherwise, you may get stuck on the island!

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Two woman standing on top of a lookout point overlooking Auckland Harbour with Rangitoto in the distance
Waitemata Harbour with Rangitoto in the distance

5. One Tree Hill (Short Walk in Auckland with Sheep)

Distance: 4.2 km/2.6 mi
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill is one of my favorite parks in Auckland. I spent many years coming here to go for runs on a Sunday.

One Tree Hill is another of Auckland’s volcanic peaks. The surrounding park also has sheep and cows in it. New Zealand really does have sheep everywhere!

It is called One Tree Hill because there used to be one lone tree at the top. Unfortunately, the tree was cut down by a protester. But the name still lives on.

One of the best walks in Auckland is to walk the Loop Road around Cornwall Park. Halfway the road goes to the top of One Tree Hill with awesome views over Auckland.

Tip: The Cornwall Park Cafe is a great place to stop for a drink or food after your walk.

A view of Auckland City from the top of One Tree Hill
A sheep eating grass in a field in Cornwall Park which has one of the best walks in Auckland

6. Kitekite Falls

Distance: 2.7km/1.7 mi
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Kitekite Falls are some of the best waterfalls close to Auckland and a must-visit when you are near Piha. It is a short walk that you can do before or after visiting Piha Beach.

The native bush around the falls is beautiful and you may be able to spot some eels in the river. New Zealand has a species of eels in our rivers that can grow to enormous sizes. So keep an eye out for them.

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7. Hunua Falls (Waterfall Walk Auckland)

Distance: 1 km/0.6 mi
Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

The Hunua Falls are located south of Auckland in the Hunua Ranges. The falls are beautiful and easily reached from the car park nearby. It can get quite busy at the falls because they are only a couple of hundred meters from the car park.

I recommend doing the Hunua Falls Lookout Loop. This path will take you on a nice short walk through some native bush. Even if the falls are busy this track will be almost empty and you can enjoy some peace in the bush.

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A man in a black singlet standing in front of the Hunua Falls
The view of a river with thick green bush on either side and the Hunua Falls at the end of the river

8. Tamaki Drive Waterfront Walk

Distance: 8 km/5 mi
Time: 2-3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Tamaki Drive is the main road along the waterfront of Auckland’s eastern suburbs. It is a favorite place for locals to run, walk and ride bikes. On a clear day, the views of the harbor are beautiful and in summer the beaches are packed with locals.

Even though Tamaki Drive is right in the middle of the city I think it is one of the best walks in Auckland on a sunny day.

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People relaxing on Kohimaramara Beach in Auckland New Zealand

9. Northhead

Distance: 2.4 km/1.5 mi
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Northhead is a volcanic peak at the entrance to Aucklands Waitemata Harbour. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches and is full of history.

Due to its location at the entrance to Auckland’s harbor, Northead has a long history of Maori settlement. Once Europeans arrived, Northead was used by the military. Many guns were placed here in case of an invasion during World War 2.

Today the guns and tunnels built by the military are still on display. They are fun to check out while following the trail around North Head.

The views of Auckland from Northead are hard to beat and it is for sure one of my best walks in Auckland. If the weather is nice make sure to bring along swimming gear. There are beautiful beaches at the base of North Head that not many people know about.

If you feel like a longer walk you can do the Devonport Loop. This walk takes you up nearby Mount Victoria as well as North Head so you can climb another of Auckland’s volcanic peaks.

A view of Chltenham Beach from Northhead in Auckland New Zealand
Three people enjoying a beach with a view of Rangitoto volcano in the background
A woman in a white singlet looking at the view from Northead which is one of the best walks in Auckland

10. Clevedon Scenic Reserve

Distance: 3.4 km/ 2.1 mi
Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

The Clevedon Scenic Reserve is a beautiful reserve filled with native bush. It is near Clevedon southeast of Auckland. The walk through the bush is very nice. But not spectacular enough to go out of your way if you aren’t in East Auckland.

I recommend visiting the Scenic Reserve after visiting the Clevedon Farmers Market. This market takes place every Sunday. There is a lot of delicious food on sale and live music. It is a great place to relax before going on a walk in the Clevedon Scenic Reserve.

A woman in a black singlet and denim shorts walking along a path surrounded by fern trees at the Clevedon Scenic Reserve one of the best walks in Auckland
A man standing on a wooden staircase at the Clevedon Scenic Reserve one of the best walks around Auckland

11. Mangemangeroa Reserve (Scenic Walk Auckland)

Distance: 5.8 km/ 3.6 mi
Time: 1.5 – 2 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Mangemangeroa Reserve is a beautiful trail along an estuary filled with native bush and birds. It is located just behind the suburbs of East Auckland.

Despite the walkway being so close to the suburbs it is a great place to spot native birds. There are plenty of fan tails and there is a good chance to see wood pigeons.

Wood pigeons are New Zealand’s native pigeons. They are much more beautiful than normal pigeons! So keep an eye out for them as you walk along the path.

The path ends at Shelly Beach and takes you past a group of houses at the base of a cliff. It is a super interesting area as the houses are disconnected from the roads above.

It feels like a small holiday town and I didn’t know they existed despite living in East Auckland most of my life. So if you are looking for an easy scenic walk this is for you!

A woman in a white singlet and black leggins walking along a gravel travel at the entrance to the Mangemangeroa Reserve walkway
A man in a black t-shirt and shirts standing next to a beach at the end of the Mangemangeroa Reserve walkway one of the best walks in Auckland

12. Tawharanui Regional Park

Distance: 8.5 km/5.3 mi
Time: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Tawharanui Regional Park is known to many Aucklanders for its white sandy beaches. On a clear sunny day, it is hard to beat the clear blue waters at Tawharanui.

But the regional park is also home to some of the best walks in Auckland. One of the best walks is the Tawharanui Point Walk.

This trail takes you through some farmland and bird sanctuaries filled with lots of native birds. As it is a bird sanctuary you cannot bring dogs with you.

There are coastal views at the point and a good mix of farmland and bush. If it has been raining the track can get quite muddy so be prepared.

A woman with a surfboard under her arm walking along the beach at the Tawharanui Regional Park

13. North Shore Coastal Walk (Day Hike Auckland)

Distance: 23 km/14.3 mi
Time: 6-7 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

The North Shore Coastal Walk is a long trail that goes all the way from Long Bay to Davenport. It takes 7 hours to do the whole trail but you can also only do sections of it.

There is a wide variety of beach walks, boardwalks, and paths along the trail. It is the best walk in Auckland to explore the North Shore. For more information on the North Shore Walkway check out this guide.

A man walking on a concrete walkway next to the ocean on the North Shore Coastal walkway in Auckland New Zealand

14. Auckland Coast to Coast Walkway

Distance: 16.4 km/10.2 mi
Time: 4 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

The Auckland Coast to Coast Walk is an urban walk that will take you from Auckland Manukau Harbour to Waitemata Harbour. If you want to escape to nature then this is not a great walk. But if you want to see the real city and take in some of Auckland’s best viewpoints this is a good option.

It is a long trail so you should set aside a whole day to complete it. The trail is also not well signposted at points so you will need to have a map on your phone. Along the trail, you will climb Mount Eden and One Tree Hill as well as explore Auckland Domain.

Fun Fact: Auckland Domain is a large volcanic crater even though it just looks like a large park. I only found this out recently despite being a lifelong Aucklander.

A woman standing in front of the Auckland museum in the Auckland Domain
Auckland Museum in the Auckland Domain

15. Musick Point

Distance: 2.7 km/1.7 mi
Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Musick Point is one of our favorite short walks in Auckland. I am a bit biased though because this walk as it is right next to my mum’s house. It is a bit of an unusual walk as the road takes you through the middle of a golf course. So watch out for flying balls!

But the views of Rangitoto from the reserve at the end of the walk are beautiful and peaceful. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit Musick Point but it is worth visiting if you are in East Auckland.

A woman in a denim jacket and black leggings standing on a grassy path with views of Rangitoto island in the background

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Enjoy the Best Walks in Auckland!

I hope you enjoy visiting all of our best walks in Auckland. Many people skip Auckland while visiting New Zealand. But I think that it is underrated for its natural beauty. If there is nice weather it is a pretty city full of nice walks.

I just hope you get some good weather so you can fully appreciate it! Auckland’s weather is notoriously unreliable. So always check the forecast before you head out.


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