Let’s collect moments, not things.

Hi, we are Kat & Allan

We are a digital nomad couple from Austria and New Zealand who are traveling the world full-time on a budget since 2020.

We love living every month in a new place and discovering new countries, cultures, and food! We are 365 days a year on the go and pursuing a healthy sustainable lifestyle while doing so.

On this blog, we share our digital nomad life with you to help you travel more with less focusing on unique experiences, affordability, and healthy habits. We hope you get inspired!

Our Latest Adventures

A woman standing in front of the Tres Fronteras Sign in Leticia Colombia

Leticia, Colombia – The Gateway To The Amazon (Top Tips!)

Leticia, Colombia is the largest town in the Colombian Amazon. Most people quickly pass through Leticia on the way to Am…

Medellin Coffee Tour: From Tree To Cup (Be A Farmer For 1 Day)

Colombia is a country that is known around the world for its coffee. Some of the best coffee in the world is grown in Co…

Street art from communa 13 in medellin

Comuna 13 History – Medellin’s Street Art Capital With A Twist

Medellin is a city that many people around the world associate with a troubled past. Comuna 13 is a neighborhood in Mede…

A band playing the steel drums, a unique thing to do in Grenada the Caribbean

20 Unique Things To Do In Grenada, The Caribbean (2023)

Grenada is a tiny island nation in the Caribbean that packs a lot into a small area. There are many unique things to do …

A ring of sculptures with coral growing on them at the grenada underwater sculpture park

Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park: A Snorkeling Adventure

The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park is an unusual attraction that has grown to be one of the most popular things to do…

View from Mount Qua Qua Grenada over Grand Etang National Park

Mount Qua Qua, Grenada: Hiking in Grand Etang NP

Grenada is a tiny Caribbean island nation covered in lush beautiful mountains and extinct volcanos. One of the best hike…

A woman in a bikini top and denim jeans sitting on a swing overlooking clear blue water on hog island grenada

Hog Island Grenada: A Beach Lovers Paradise 🏝️ (Full Guide)

Hog Island Grenada is a small little island just off the coast of the mainland of Grenada. It is a super popular spot wi…

A hand holding a red and green cocoa pod in front of a baby blue background at a Grenada chocolate factory

Visiting A Grenada Chocolate Factory: From Tree to Bar

Before visiting Grenada I thought I knew what good chocolate was. But after visiting a Grenada chocolate factory I found…

A picture of a mural showing the species of turtles Grenada has in its waters

Leatherback Turtles Grenada – A Unique Wildlife Experience

There are several species of turtles Grenada hosts in its waters. But the most famous is the leatherback turtles that la…

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Our Travel Tips

Bus in front of mountains at Playa Tecolote near La Paz.


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A stand of fresh fruits and vegetables at a market in Cape Town South Africa


Stick to healthy eating habits while traveling

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Our Travel Philosophy

These are the three pillars we focus on to ensure that we live a happy healthy nomadic life.

Traveling mindfully ✌️

While traveling it is very hard, although it is possible, to have zero impact on the earth. We believe that by traveling slowly and thoughtfully we can minimize our impact on the earth while also enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Traveling healthily 🍉

It is part of human nature to want to overindulge while away from home and normal routines. However, we are much happier when we stick to a healthy diet and workout routine. It gives us all the energy we need to discover places.

Traveling affordably 🚐

It is great to earn money while traveling, but for years we had no income and still traveled the world. You can travel affordably without having to miss out on great travel experiences. We share all our budget travel tips on this blog!

Follow our journey in real time!

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