Let’s collect moments, not things.

Hi, we are Kat & Allan

We are a digital nomad couple from Austria and New Zealand who are traveling the world full-time on a budget since 2020.

We love living in a new place every month and discovering new countries, cultures, and food! We are 365 days a year on the go and pursuing a healthy sustainable lifestyle while doing so.

On this blog, we share all our tips with you to help you travel more for less. Focusing on affordability, unique experiences and healthy habits. We hope you get inspired!

Our Latest Adventures

Exploring Antigua ruins is one of the best things to do in Guatemala.

11 Best Antigua Ruins: Which to See and Skip in 2024

Antigua Guatemala Ruins are an interesting attraction that makes it a unique place to visit. The ruins of Antigua are the remains of buildings damaged in earthquak…

A woman working at one of the best cafes Antigua Guatemala has to offer

14 Best Cafes in Antigua Guatemala (+Wifi Rating)

Where to find the best coffee in Guatemala? At the best cafes in Antigua! Other countries such as Colombia grab all the international attention but Guatemala also …

A colorful restaurant with one of the best cheap eats in Antigua Guatemala

The Best Cheap Eats Antigua for Foodies on a Budget 2024

Antigua is a beautiful town and one of our favorite places in Guatemala. It is no tourist secret and as a result, the cost of food and living can be quite high. It…

Colorful street in San Juan de la Laguna, Guatemala

San Juan La Laguna – Complete Guide

San Juan La Laguna is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Atitlan that is full of art and Mayan culture. The streets are full of local women dressed in beautifu…

A beautiful town square in Jardin which is a big factor when decided to visit salento or jardin

Salento Or Jardin? Which Coffee Town Is Best For You?

The Coffee Region of Colombia is at the top of many people’s lists of places to visit in Colombia. It is a spectacular mountainous region in Colombia that pr…

A green hill side covered with very tall palm trees and a statue in the foreground at the start of the cocora valley hike

Cocora Valley Hike – One Of Colombia’s Prettiest Hikes

Nearly every visitor to Salento will want to go on the Cocora Valley Hike. It is one of the best things to do in Salento and no trip would be complete without goin…

Salento To Filandia – Salentos Pretty Neighbour

Taking a day trip from Salento to Filandia is a must-do if you visit Salento. Filandia is nowhere near as famous as Salento but in my opinion, it is quite underrat…

Things To Do In Salento – Hiking, Coffee and Culture

Salento is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia. People flock there to see the stunning Cocora Valley and its towering wax palms. The town of S…

Public peeps parked at Salento's main square, a smart way to get around after you have found out how to get to Salento

How to get to Salento from Medellin, Bogota and Jardin

Salento is one of the most popular destinations in Colombia’s Coffee Region. The colorful colonial town is surrounded by farms growing world-class coffee. Bu…

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Our Travel Philosophy

These are the three pillars we focus on to ensure that we live a happy healthy nomadic life.

Travel mindfully ✌️

While traveling it is very hard, although it is possible, to have zero impact on the earth. We believe that by traveling slowly and thoughtfully we can minimize our impact on the earth while also enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Travel healthily 🍉

It is part of human nature to want to overindulge while away from home and normal routines. However, we are much happier when we stick to a healthy diet and workout routine. It gives us all the energy we need to discover new places.

Travel affordably 🚐

It is great to earn money while traveling, but for years we had no income and still traveled the world. You can travel affordably without having to miss out on great travel experiences. We share all our budget travel tips on this blog!

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