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Welcome to our digital nomad travel blog

Hi, we are Allan & Katharina

We are a digital nomad couple from Austria and New Zealand who have both traveled extensively around the world.

When we met in Mexico we discovered we both have a lot of the same interests which is, of course, traveling. But also living a healthy sustainable lifestyle while doing so.

On this blog, we share our digital nomad life with you focusing on affordability, fitness and sustainability. We hope you get inspired!

Latest Adventures

Butterflies gathering on trees at El Rosario butterfly sanctuary

El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary: Complete Visitor’s Guide 2023

El Rosario Butterfly Sanctuary is the most famous place to see the Monarch butterfly migration in Mexico. This is becaus…

Butterflies at the Sierra Chincua butterfly sanctuary

Sierra Chincua – A Butterfly Sanctuary For Nature Lovers

If you are looking for one of the best places to see the monarch butterfly migration then Sierra Chincua should be right…

Monarch butterlies sitting on a tree stem

The Amazing Mexican Butterfly Migration (Complete Guide)

Every year millions of monarch butterflies migrate from North America to Mexico to escape the cold winter up north. Of a…

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Our Travel Philosophy

These are the three pillars we focus on to ensure that we live a happy healthy nomadic life.

Traveling mindfully 💛

While traveling it is very hard, although it is possible, to have zero impact on the earth. We believe that by traveling slowly and thoughtfully we can minimize our impact on the earth while also enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Traveling healthily 🍉

It is part of human nature to want to overindulge while away from home and normal routines. However, we are much happier when we stick to a healthy diet and workout routine. It gives us all the energy we need to discover places.

Traveling affordably 🚐

It is great to earn money while traveling, but for years we had no income and still traveled the world. You can travel affordably without having to miss out on great travel experiences. You will find all our budget travel tips on this blog.

Turn 9-5 into 365 days of travel – as a digital nomad

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