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Hi! We are Kat & Allan

Traveling has been always a big part of our lives. It turned into full-time when we met during the first lockdown in 2020 in Mexico. We both decided not to return to our home countries (Austria & New Zealand) and ended up staying two years in Mexico, where we eventually became digital nomads.

The pandemic had made us stand still and realize what we really wanted: Making travel the core of our lives. We have used many platforms to find ways of traveling full-time and exchanging our skills for a place to stay.

After a year on the road without income, Katharina got a remote job and before we realized it we were living the dream of being digital nomads in a Mexican beach town. From that moment on the world became our home.

Why happy healthy nomads?

We got more and more questions about how we can afford this way of living and what tools there are to use. Quickly this blog was born, combining our passions for traveling, physical & mental health, sustainability, and connecting with like-minded people in one place.

On this blog, we share our life as digital nomads with you focusing on affordability, healthy habits, and unique experiences. We hope you find it helpful and get inspired! We are happy to answer any questions or comments you might have for us.

Let’s connect!

Katharina and Allan enjoying burgers as digital nomads in Mexico
Katharina and Allan enjoying life as digital nomads sitting on top of Lion's head in Cape Town.

Life is too short to only live in one place.


1. How can you afford to travel full-time?

Being a minimalist, having an eye on your spending and knowing how to travel affordably can go a long way. No matter how small the budget is there is a way. Read our top tips on how to travel affordably, healthily and sustainably on the blog.

2. Do you have a home base?

No, we don’t own or rent a place permanently or have a place we frequently return to. Our mail goes to our parents and they store a few personal items for us. We love and live the concept of minimalism and the freedom it brings us.

3. What is your favorite country?

This is so hard to answer! Every country has something different to offer. What makes a country ‘the best’ will be based on your own personal experiences and the people you meet. But some of our favorites are Mexico, Spain and South Africa.

4. Are you never tired of living nomadically?

While it is as important to root and unpack fully from time to time we love the freedom and the experiences that come with living out of a backpack. This way we can live in summer 365 days a year, see the world and pursue a non-materialistic life.

5. When do you stop traveling and return home?

It feels like traveling is in our genes. We don’t separate traveling from being at home, as traveling is our home. We are 24/7 and 365 days a year on the go, often 1 month in one city as we love to travel slowly. Every place we are at is our home.

6. What kind of remote work do you do?

Katharina works fully remotely for a fashion sustainability startup from Italy and part-time on this blog. Allan studied law but is pursuing his true passion of traveling, fitness and health. He dedicates his full attention to this blog.

7. How do you pay taxes as digital nomads?

Since living as digital nomads is a fairly new lifestyle (we love!) and the law is just slowly keeping up with it, there is a fair amount of confusion about this topic. There is no one-size-fits-all answer but we will share all we know on this blog.

8. How can I do the same as you?

You took already the first step by reading this blog! This blog is made to inspire you to do the same by giving you all the tips we learned over the last few years. There are endless opportunities to create the life you want. Get in touch for more, we are happy to connect!

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  1. Hello guys!

    You are so sweet.

    We hope only the best in life for you,
    See please always feel free to visit us again in Tazón de Barro!!!
    Hasta pronto 🙂
    Much love


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