Andorra – Austria – Spain

You could spend years traveling in Europe, with so many diverse countries, cultures, places, and people. We love Europe’s South as we always chase the sun. Have fun exploring by reading all our blog posts on Europe.

Walking toward the Royal Palace of Madrid

16 Free Things to do in Madrid for an Unforgettable Trip

Madrid is a bustling metropolis, the second largest city in the E.U. and the capital of Spain. It has ever…

Allan overlooking Toledo, Spain from a view point

10 Cool Things to do in Toledo, Spain in One Day 🇪🇸

Toledo, Spain is a beautiful medieval town located just half an hour by train from Madrid. Because of its …

Visiting the city of Arts and Science is one of the top thinsg to do in Valencia in one day

12 Free Things to do in Valencia in One Day (Itinerary)

Valencia is an amazing city in Spain that is much cheaper and with far fewer tourists than its famous sibl…

Overlooking Barceloneta Beach - one of the best free things to do in Barcelona

18 Free Things to do in Barcelona (Fun Facts + Tips)

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and for good reason. It is full of amazing architecture, cafés…

A woman walking across a small waterfall on the Estanys de Tristiana hike

Estanys de Tristaina: 3 Mountain Lakes Day Hike

Andorra is a tiny country sandwiched between Spain and France. It is covered in beautiful mountains and pr…

Terminator statue at the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum: What to Expect

Visiting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum was a clear must-do for me. Growing up I had always been a big f…

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