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Visiting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum was a clear must-do for me. Growing up I had always been a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Whether it was the Terminator, Kindergarten Cop or The Last Action Hero I loved all of them.

Then as I got older and started lifting weights The Pumping Iron documentary became one of my favorite documentaries ever. When Katharina told me that there was an Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria I was dedicated to visiting it.

So if you are an Arnie fan and are planning a trip to Graz, the closest city to the museum, put the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum at the top of the list of things to do.

What Country is Arnold Schwarzenegger from?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from Austria. The Arnold Schwarzenegger museum you can visit today is in the building he grew up in which makes the visit extra special. There were also some photos in the museum showing when Arnold was in Austria visiting it.

Where is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum?

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum is in Thal, Austria which is a 25 minutes drive from Graz. Thal is a small village up in the hills by Graz that Arnold grew up in. It is a beautiful area but very quiet and rural, a completely different planet from where Arnold lives now.

Arnold lived in Thal until 1966 when he was 19 years old. After this Arnold left Austria to conquer the world and the building he was born in was sold. In 2009 an investor bought the building of Arnold’s birth and it was decided to turn it into a museum.

Arnold liked the idea and sent many personal belongings to be put on display. So today you can walk through the building he was born in and see some cool movie props and other interesting belongings.

Group of people posing outside of the museum
Arnold poses outside the museum

How to get to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum is located close to the city of Graz. As it is located in a small town the best way to get there is to rent a car and drive from Graz.

Alternatively, go can take the bus (number 40) from Jakominiplatz to bus stop Gösting or the tram (number 1, 3 or 7) from the central station to tram stop Waagner Biro Straße / PVA. Then walk to the stop Daungasse/Wasserturm and take the bus (number 85) to bus stop Gösting.

From Gösting you can take the bus (number 48) to the bus stop Thalersee. Then walk on the federal highway along the Thalersee in the direction of the golf course. Follow the signposts uphill to the museum on Linakstraße 9.

Map showing the location of the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum in Austria next to Graz
The location of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum near Graz

How much is the Entrance to the Museum?

A ticket to the museum is 8.90 euros so is very reasonably priced. We spent about 1 hour in and around the house.

When is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum open?

The museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm. You don’t need to book in advance to visit the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum.

At the entrance to the museum is the famous and iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger statue. A great place to snap a photo!

Allan posing in front of the Arnold Schwarzenegger statue in Austria
Arnold Schwarzenegger statue, Austria

How much time should I plan for my visit?

Visiting the museum and the lake will only take up about 2 hours of your time. But it is definitely worth it if you are an Arnold fan and are going to be nearby.

Inside the Museum and Arnold’s Life

The Museum is not large but full of details. Each of the rooms is dedicated to different parts of Arnold’s life. The first room shows the beds that he slept in growing up and the uniforms he wore in the army.

There are also many pictures of Arnold from his younger years in Austria. So it is quite interesting to see what life was like for him before he was famous.

Once you move into the next room there are much more memorabilia from when he became famous. There is a desk from when he was governor of California and other real movie props that are super interesting.

Allan standing next to a wax statue in the shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Posing with the wax statue of Arnie

Upstairs there is even more movie memorabilia and more facts about Arnold’s life. For example, I had no idea that he was rich through real estate investment before he became a movie star.

Visiting the museum feels like walking through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography in 3D. It’s super interesting that his life took many turns before he became the person we know today. It was also inspirational as he knew already in his young years to never give up.

Motorbike from the Terminator movies on a white podium
The best part for me: An original motorbike from the Terminator movies

There is also a replica of a kitchen upstairs that shows what they were like at the time Arnold was born. It is super interesting to see that Arnold had such a humble beginning to his life and the contrast to the life he lives today.

Visiting the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum Shop

If you are looking for a souvenir from your trip you can grab one at reception. They have a small Arnold Schwarzenegger museum shop there where you can buy all kinds of different Arnold Schwarzenegger merch.

It’s fun to look at all the things they sell as they vary from typical to extraordinary souvenirs such as window sponges. You can also have a look through the Arnold Schwarzenegger museum shop online.

Exploring the Outside of the Museum

The museum is relatively small and although interesting does not take long to look through. But there are some areas outside nearby that Arnold fans should check out too.

There is a lake called Thalersee that is within walking distance from the museum. The lake is nice to go for a walk and there is also a couple of Arnold attractions along its shoreline.

The first is a boat that Arnold proposed to his first wife Maria Schriver. The boat has a portrait of the two in it and he was actually rowing it on the lake when he proposed.

There are also some pull-up bars attached to a tree that Arnold used to work out on when he was young. They are both a bit strange things to see but the lake is nice to have a walk around so it is worth heading down.

Now you Know All About the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum is a quirky little museum that will be fun to see whether you are an Arnold fan or not. It is super interesting to see how he came from such humble beginnings in Austria to become a global superstar.

If you found this guide helpful and decide to visit the museum let me know in the comments below. “I will be back!”

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