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We have been traveling and living nomadically on a budget since 2020. It’s a fantastic journey with ups and downs and big learnings. On this page, we share all our travel tips with you and hope you get inspired! ✨

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A bowl of healthy oats with nuts on a table - a good way on how to eat healthy and cheap while traveling

How to Eat Healthy and Cheap while Traveling (10 Easy Tips)

Eating healthy and cheap while traveling can be difficult. When you are on the go it is tempting to grab a…

A beautiful valley in Mexico which we voluntereerd in and inspired us to write this Workaway Review for you

Workaway Review (How to Stand Out + What to Expect)

If you are looking to travel long term while not spending a lot of money then volunteering is a great way …

Trusted House Sitters Review: Our experience looking after this dog in London

Trusted House Sitters Review (What to Expect + 25% Off)

If you are thinking about home or pet sitting then this Trusted House Sitters Review will help you get sta…

View over tennis courts and palm tress from our free accomodation with Workaway - one of the best ways how to find free accommodation

5 Ways to get Free Accommodation for Travel 🏠

It seems impossible to get a place for free. But if you are willing to travel slowly and step out of your …

A man working out for free on the beach while traveling

Working Out on the Road 💪 (Easy, Cheap and Fun!)

Working out on the road can be tricky for many people. When you are away from home and your normal routine…

A local bus parked in front of a mountain at a beach - taking public transport is one of the best ways to travel cheap!

How to Travel Cheap in 2024 💰 (31 Easy Proven Ways + Hacks)

Is your budget holding you back from traveling? We traveled the world for years without income or big savi…

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