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One of the best perks of full-time traveling? Tasting all the different cuisines around the world! We love local, colorful and healthy food, fresh roasted coffee, and discovering new ingredients. Come along and get inspired by our favorite places to eat 🌮

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A colorful restaurant with one of the best cheap eats in Antigua Guatemala

Best Cheap Eats Antigua for Foodies on a Budget (2024)

Antigua is a beautiful town and one of our favorite places in Guatemala. It is no tourist secret and as a result, …

Looking inside Cafe en Calma - one of the best cafes in Laureles, Medellin!

12 Best Cafes in Laureles, Medellin: Try superb Coffee!

We spent 2 months working online in Laureles, Medellin and it is our favorite part of the city to stay in. Over th…

A hand holding up freshly picked red coffee beans on a Medellin coffee tour

Medellin Coffee Tour: From Tree to Cup (Farm for 1 Day)

Some of the best coffee in the world is grown in Colombia. Many travelers head to the famous coffee region for a c…

A hand holding a red and green cocoa pod in front of a baby blue background at a Grenada chocolate factory

Visiting a Grenada Chocolate Factory: From Tree to Bar

Before visiting Grenada I thought I knew what good chocolate was. But after visiting a Grenada chocolate factory I…

Vegan Food in Mexico City

Vegan Food in Mexico City: 14 Delicious Places not to miss!

Eating Vegan Food in Mexico City is easy, fun, affordable, and delicious! We have spent more than 6 months in Mexi…

Fresh produce on display at Medellin Market in Mexico City

10 Food & Craft Markets in Mexico City you have to visit

Mexico City is a sprawling mega-city that is full of markets where you can buy anything you can imagine. It can be…

A selection of the best tacos in Mexico City on a tray with salsas next to it

Best Tacos in Mexico City: 12 Taquerias you will love 🌮

Best food in Mexico? Tacos! If you want to sample all different kinds then Mexico City is one of the best places a…

A beautiful piece of street art showing an indeginous Mexican womans face in Tepoztlán Mexico

13 Things to do in Tepoztlán in 2024 (Many Food Tips!)

Tepoztlán is a charming little town in Mexico located just 2 hours south of Mexico City. It’s popular with w…

Color full square with a statue one of the top things to do in Queretaro

20 Awesome Things to do in Querétaro (+ Food Tips!)

Santiago de Querétaro is a city that is unknown to most travelers to Mexico. It is usually only people that spend …

A plate full of vegan food at a vegan restaurant in San Miguel de Allende

Vegan Restaurants San Miguel de Allende (13 Must-Try Places)

San Miguel de Allende is a great city in Mexico for foodies. From international cuisines to tacos to bakeries and …

Three tacos on a colorful table cloth at Xalisco Birria some of the best tacos in San Miguel De Allende

Best Tacos in San Miguel de Allende (10 Must-Try Places)

San Miguel de Allende is well known for having great restaurants and international cuisine. Many of them are fancy…

Entrance to a taco restaurant - one of the best cheap eats in Playa del Carmen Mexico

14 Best Cheap Eats in Playa del Carmen for Foodies (2024)

Playa del Carmen is a popular beach destination in Mexico that is a food lover’s dream. It can be a very tou…

An entrance to one of the best vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen

10 Best Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen in 2024

Did you know that Playa del Carmen has the most vegan restaurants in Mexico according to Happy Cow? Playa del Carm…

A bowl of healthy oats with nuts on a table - a good way on how to eat healthy and cheap while traveling

How to Eat Healthy and Cheap while Traveling (10 Easy Tips)

Eating healthy and cheap while traveling can be difficult. When you are on the go it is tempting to grab an unheal…

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