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10 Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen You’ll Love

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Did you know that Playa del Carmen has the most vegan restaurants in Mexico according to Happy Cow? Playa del Carmen is not only a great place for visiting amazing beaches, cenotes, and ruins – but also a paradise for vegetarian and vegan food!

So keep reading to find out the 10 best vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen that are also budget-friendly.

1. Falafel Nessya

Falafel Nessya is a cute little falafel place in Playa del Carmen’s city center. We must have been there at least 6 times as the value for money is great, the staff is always friendly and fast, and the location is super convenient.

You can choose between a falafel wrap (80 pesos / 4 USD) or a falafel plate (120 pesos / 6 USD) with plenty of homemade vegan sauces served on the side. All ingredients tasted super fresh so Falafel Nessy quickly became one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen.

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Two falafel pitas from Falafel Nessya served in a bowl - one of our favorite vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen

2. Coral Vegan Pizza

The pizza at Coral Vegan was literally the best vegan pizza in Playa del Carmen we had in the whole of Mexico! You can choose between a wheat flour or gluten-free crust and many different toppings. The cheese is made from cashews.

While waiting for the pizzas we were surprised with a small starter on the house – a little bowl of homemade hummus and crackers. It was super delicious! Also, make sure to order one of their lemonades served with fresh herbs and sparkling water.

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Two pizzas served on a wodden plate with olives and vegan cheese on top at Coral Pizza

3. Plantivoros Vegan Restaurant Playa del Carmen

Plantivoros is a vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen serving traditional Mexican dishes with plant-based ingredients such as tamales, empanadas, enmoladas, enchiladas, pozole, gorditas, and tacos.

We went there on Dia de los Muertos which was great as they had a buffet for that day and we were able to pretty much try their whole menu! So do look out for special occasions, otherwise, you can of course order all dishes also from their regular menu.

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4. La Chachalaca

La Chachalaca is a cute little cafe combined with a healthy food store full of vegan products such as kombuchas, cheeses, tofu, chocolate, and more. They also sell lots of fresh and organic produce and homemade vegan cookies! (Super yum but not healthy)

We had the vegan lentil sandwiches for 70 pesos (3.5 USD) which came with fresh ingredients and sourdough bread. If you are looking for healthy affordable food and some treats this vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen is for you!

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5. Dona Luca Juice And Snack Bar

Dona Luca is the smallest vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen on this list. It’s run by the friendly owner Luca and only seats a few people. It’s a healthy little oasis in the middle of one of the main tourist areas in Playa.

You can order any juice or smoothie combination possible made with coconut water or plant-based milk. The sandwiches are also covered in so many greens you can’t even see the bread. Buen provecho!

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6. Peace and Bowl Vegan Restaurant Playa del Carmen

Peace and Bowl is a hip vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen especially popular for breakfast. From ice coffees to acai bowls and smoothies – they have you covered. We found the atmosphere always relaxed and more like a cafe than a restaurant.

You can also go there for lunch when they serve hummus bowls and lots of different salads. This place is also a popular spot for digital nomads with stable wifi and wooden tables next to a little pool to work on.

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7. Tacos ALV

Tacos ALV must be the best vegan tacos we had in the whole of Mexico! Unfortunately, you can only order or pick them up. The Mexican owner is vegan for more than 8 years and makes the tortillas, fillings, and vegan sauces fresh in his home kitchen.

Hopefully, it will get so popular one day that he can turn it into a restaurant. You can order the food via WhatsApp at +529842155563 and choose between tacos, tortas, and burritos. Definitely try the bistec tacos and peanut sauce they were our favorite.

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A plate of vegan tacos from Tacos ALV one of the best vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen

8. Tropical Tacos

Tropical Tacos is another great taco place in Playa del Carmen with a wide range of vegetarian and vegan tacos. They all come with lots of fresh and colorful toppings and great sauces.

Just outside the main tourist crowds, the surrounding area is also worth checking out and is close to Coco Beach, one of the best beaches in Playa del Carmen. We found the vibe at Tropical Tacos to be the best in the evenings when their lights and music came on and people started ordering drinks.

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9. Zenzontle Vegan Restaurant Playa del Carmen

A bit further along Avenida 5 from Tropical Tacos is Zenzontle, another small vegan restaurant in Playa del Carmen you need to try! It’s a little hidden gem off the beaten tracks with only two tables, unique flavors and everything is made fresh daily.

Definitely try their homemade tacos which are made using traditional methods, making them extra healthy and tasty. I also really liked the plate with baked potato and grilled pineapple which you can see in the picture down below.

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A plate of baked potato, grilled pineapple, veggies and salad at Zenzontle

10. Tamales Ciencia Ficcion

You can find the Tamales Ciencia Ficcion (Science-Fiction) stand only until 2 pm most days next to a busy road in Playa. I recommend coming there in the mornings as they run out quickly and the tamales taste the best when they are made fresh.

Tamales are made of corn dough and you can choose all kinds of interesting vegan fillings: mole, beans, spinach, and mushroom. It’s not an Instagrammy food but definitely a must-try in the Yucatan.

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11. Bonus: Pozol

Pozol is a traditional local drink made from fermented corn and flavored with coconut or cocao and a bit of sugar. It’s served with a lot of ice and you can choose how much sugar you want. And the best part: It’s by default vegan!

It’s not found in restaurants but is something that all vegans should try while in Playa.

We would bring our own 1-liter water bottle and have it as a refreshing afternoon ‘snack’ as it is ice-cold and surprisingly filling and nutritious. Definitely give it a try and look out for the small Pozol carts all over Playa del Carmen, mostly outside the tourist crowds.

Allan holding a bottle filled with brown Pozol in his hand in front of a blue Pozol stand in Playa del Carmen

How to find more Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

If this list of the best vegan food in Playa del Carmen made you hungry for more, you can check out Happy Cow. Happy Cow is a search engine that shows vegan restaurants worldwide with ratings. I found the app super helpful, especially in smaller Mexican towns.

Another great way to explore Playa’s vegan food scene is by joining the Vegan Food Tour Playa del Carmen. This tour is tailor-made for vegans and healthy travelers, yeah!

Cost of Eating Out in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is not only a paradise for healthy and vegan food, but it’s also really affordable. There are many cheap eats starting at 70 pesos (3.5 USD) for a tasty, fresh, and good meal.

Just make sure to check the menu before ordering, don’t be shy to try the street food, and avoid restaurants on 5th Avenue if you are a shoestring traveler. Since we travel on a budget you can be sure that all vegan restaurants on this list are budget-friendly.

What is the Most Vegan-Friendly City in Mexico?

According to Happy Cow, Playa del Carmen has the most vegan restaurants in the whole of Latin America. That’s pretty impressive given the size of Playa but also not too surprising as it is a very popular tourist and digital nomad hotspot all year around.

The next best vegan-friendly city in Mexico in my opinion must be Mexico City with an endless number of vegan food places. I also found many great vegan restaurants in Tulum, San Miguel de Allende, Querétaro, Guanajuato, Puerto Vallarta, and La Paz!

Katharina standing in front of a tamales cart in Playa del Carmen

Is Mexico good for Vegans?

Yes! I am vegan for many years now and find Mexico, despite its reputation, an easy country to be vegetarian or vegan in. Besides the typical meat and fish dishes there are plenty of beans, vegetables, and fruits to choose from, even at local markets.

It definitely helps to know a bit of Spanish and be able to say “sin queso o crema por favor” (without cheese or creme please). I also found it helpful to say “sin lactose” (without lactose) to address all milk products in one and also some locals understood it better than the concept of vegan food.

Playa del Carmen Vegan Food Tours

If you would like to go on a tour of some great vegan food spots in Playa del Carmen you can check out the highly-rated Vegan Mexican Walking Tour.

A local guide will take you around the local markets and some restaurants and cafes. The tour is quite pricey but if you like to know more about the history and food of the area it’s a good way to go.

And if you make it to Tulum check out this highly rated Vegan Food Tour Tulum combining storytelling with art and food.

Book here: 🍽️ Vegan Food Tours in Playa del Carmen & Tulum

Now you know the Best Vegan Restaurants in Playa del Carmen, enjoy!

That’s it, my list of the 10 best vegan restaurants in Playa del Carmen and my vegan experiences in Mexico. We really enjoyed our time in Playa and all the great vegan food options it has.

Let me know in the comments below which restaurants you like the most and if there are any I should try next time I’m in Playa del Carmen. Thanks!


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