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Best food in Mexico? Tacos! If you want to sample all different kinds then Mexico City is one of the best places as there are delicious tacos for sale everywhere. I tried a whole lot and came up with this list of what I think are the best tacos in Mexico City.

I know this will be a controversial topic as everyone has their own favorite taqueria. So make sure to let me know what are your favorites in the comments. I am always looking for new places to try on my next trip! ๐ŸŒฎ

1. Birria El Jarocho โ€“ Best Birria Tacos in Mexico City (Roma)

Birria is one of my favorite types of tacos. It originates from the state of Jalisco and was traditionally made with goat. The meat is prepared by marinating it in herbs and spices and then boiling it for a long time resulting in tender tasty meat.

Although it is not a specialty of Mexico City there are quite a few spots with great Birria. My favorite spot was at Birria El Jarocho located close to Insurgentes in Roma.

They make amazing Birria for a super cheap price. Three tacos and a bowl of consomme only cost 41 pesos (2 USD) and were enough to fill me up (which doesnโ€™t happen easily)!

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2. Los Tacos de Homero โ€“ Best Cochinita Pibil Tacos in Mexico City (Roma)

Los Tacos de Homero Roma is a small taco cart that specializes in another of my favorite tacos Cochinita Pibil. They were also some of the best tacos in Roma Norte that I found.

Cochinita Pibil is a dish that originates from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The meat is prepared by marinating it in a strongly acidic citrus juice and then slowly roasting it. It is kind of like pulled pork and super tender.

I ate Cochinita Pibil tacos in Playa del Carmen and can say that Los Tacos de Homero Roma is as good as in the Yucatan!

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Two Cochinita Pibil tacos on a brown ceramic plate

3. Carnitas Estillo Michoacan โ€“ Best Carnitas Tacos in Mexico City (Roma)

If you are looking for the best carnitas tacos in Mexico City then I recommend checking out this taco cart in Roma Norte. It is super popular with locals and I really liked their tacos. A big crowd of locals is always a good sign!

Carnitas Estillo Michoaca is located on the main road going between Roma and Condesa so is a great spot if you are staying in that area.

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4. Taqueria La Reyna โ€“ Try all kinds! (Roma)

Taqueria La Reyna is a sit-down restaurant in Roma Sur that does a variety of tacos. You can get carnitas, cabeza, and pastor tacos. So if you havenโ€™t tried many tacos before this is a good place to sample them all.

The tacos are small, taste super good, and are really cheap at 17 pesos each (0.90 USD) โ€“ perfect if you travel on a budget.

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Four tacos on a plate with salsa some of the best tacos in Mexico City

5. Tacos Hola El Gรผero โ€“ Best Tacos in Mexico City (Condesa)

Tacos Hola El Gรผero is a well-known taqueria in Condesa that makes Tacos el Guisado. A guisado is a โ€œstewโ€ and at the taqueria you will see a selection of stews in pots to choose from to get put on your tacos.

This taqueria has some of the best tacos in Mexico City and is a very popular spot next to Parque Mexico โ€“ my favorite park in Mexico City. You can choose from meat, veggie, and vegan options and a range of sauces.

The tacos are huge and only 25 pesos (1 USD) per taco, so considering their size it is a bargain!

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6. Taqueria Orinoco โ€“ Northern Style Tacos (Roma)

Taqueria Orinoco is a long way from a traditional taqueria. The setup almost feels like an American burger chain with a small selection of tacos and pay before you eat setup. So if you want an authentic Mexican experience pick another taqueria from this list.

However, I really liked the tacos here which are Northern Style from Monterrey. The salsas were amazing and didnโ€™t taste like the traditional Mexican salsas. But I really liked that they were a bit different from usual.

The tacos were also a little bit pricey but I still think it was worth coming here. Even though they are very untraditional I really like the salsas which make them some of the best tacos in Mexico City in my opinion.

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Two metal trays covered in glass jars filled with salsa and another tray covered in tacos

7. Los Cocuyos โ€“ Famous Taqueria (Centro Historico)

Los Cocuyos is a famous taqueria that has some of the best tacos in Mexico Cityโ€™s historical center. It has been featured on many food shows and Anthony Bourdain even visited here.

Due to the popularity there will often be quite a long line but the tacos are worth the wait. My favorites were Campechano which is a mix of sausage and beef and Lengua (tongue). So if you feel adventurous you can try some more unusual cuts of meat at Los Cocuyos.

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8. Tacos de Canasta los Especiales โ€“ Best Tacos de Canasta in Mexico City (Centro Historico)

Tacos de Canasta is usually not my favorite type of taco as they can be quite soggy. However, Tacos de Canasta los Especiales make delicious tacos that are not too greasy and are super cheap.

For 8 pesos (0.40 USD) you get two small tacos joined together and there are big tubs of pickles and salsa to put on top. It is still certainly not the most healthy taco as there is still plenty of oil. But they taste super good so definitely worth it a try.

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A plastic plate covered in tacos de canasta some of the best tacos in mexico city
This whole plate costs 24 pesos (1 USD)!

9. Taqueria Arandas โ€“ Best Al Pastor Tacos in Mexico City (Centro Historico)

Taqueria Arandas is a place that many tourists will wander into looking for their first taco in Mexico City. It is located on one of the busy streets in the historical center and is the first place I had a taco in Mexico City too.

It is quite a chaotic restaurant with seating upstairs but they make very good and original tacos Al Pastor tacos in Mexico City. So if you are Al Pastor taco virgin I recommend Taqueria Arandas.

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10. Amor y Tacos โ€“ Nicely designed Taqueria (Centro Historico)

Amor y Tacos is a taqueria close to the Zocolo in downtown Mexico that makes delicious Carnita and El Pastor tacos. There were also a lot of fresh salsas to add to the tacos which I am a big fan of.

The interior of the taqueria is decorated nicely with lots of fun slogans on the wall. So itโ€™s a great place to test your Spanish and grab some of the best tacos in Centro Historico while exploring the downtown of Mexico City.

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11. Chilpancingo Station โ€“ Best Street Tacos in Mexico City (Condesa)

If you feel like picking a random cart to find some of the best street tacos in Mexico City then Chilpancingo Metro is a good spot. The streets all around the station are covered with taco carts selling all types of tacos.

There are many different areas of Mexico City with tonnes of street tacos. But Chilpancingo is located between Condesa and Roma so is conveniently located for many visitors to Mexico City.

Taco carts are spread all over the surrounding streets so just go exploring and stop somewhere that looks popular.

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Two street tacos stands near Chilpancingo station some of the best street tacos in Mexico City
Popular street tacos day and night

12. Tacos los Paisas โ€“ Best Bistec Tacos in Mexico City (Centro Historico)

Tacos los Paisas is a popular taqueria that makes great Al Pastor tacos in Mexico City. They are located in the Centro Historico and make some of the best Bistec (beef) tacos as well.

One of my favorite things at Tacos los Paisas is all the toppings you can put on your tacos. You can choose from guacamole, pico de gallo, mashed potatoes, beans, and more!

There are also multiple salsas so you can really mix and match all the different toppings to make your own style of taco.

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What is the Most Popular Taco in Mexico City?

The most popular taco in Mexico City and the most well-known is Al Pastor. It is a super popular taco all over Mexico but it is particularly popular in Mexico City.

The taco was created by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. So the preparation of the meat looks very similar to how meat is prepared at kebab shops around the world. The meat is covered in herbs and spices packed onto a vertical spit with a pineapple on top which rotates while it cooks.

It is a fairly simple taco but really tasty and is available all over the country. You will see it all over Mexico City and is something you have to try. Every taqueria will make the pastor slightly different so it is worth trying many different spots.

Best Taco Tour Mexico City

If you feel like having a food tour rather than exploring Mexico Cityโ€™s tacos by yourself you are in luck. There are plenty of food tours that can take you to all the best tacos in Mexico City.

Withlocals does great private tours hosted by locals in areas away from the tourist zone. The tour guide will take you to their favorite taquerias and tell you all about the preparation and history of all the different tacos.

The tours are 45 USD so fairly expensive but they include 7 different tastings and drinks. You can also personalize the tours according to the types of tacos you would like to try. So in the end, you get a great local experience for your money.

Vitaor also has Mexico City Taco Tour for 70 USD that also does Mescal tasting. The tour is a bit more expensive but last for 3 hours and has good ratings. So if you feel like having some fun and a few drinks this is the taco tour for you!

Thatโ€™s my Roundup of the Best Tacos in Mexico City

If you love street food and want to try different kinds of tacos then Mexico City is the place to be. There are endless taquerias in Mexico City and each of them will give you a great taste of Mexico ๐ŸŒฎ

I am always looking for new places to visit so please let me know in the comments below which taqueria in Mexico City is your favorite.


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