How To Travel On A Budget

Nomad tips!

When meeting new people we often get asked how we can afford full-time traveling. Read below all our tips that can turn every budget into long-term traveling. Plus, you will have experiences and meet people you will never forget.

Hiker sitting on a rock on Chapmans Peak looking over Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa.

How To Travel Cheap In 2023 (29 Easy Proven Ways)

The number one problem that is holding most people around the world from traveling is money. A lot of people think…

View over tennis courts from our free accomodation with Workaway.

How To Get Free Accommodation For Travel (5 Easy Proven Ways)

Accommodation will nearly always consume a large part of your monthly budget while traveling. When I first started…

Trusted House Sitters Review (All You Need To Know)

After many years of traveling I had done many volunteer jobs in exchange for accommodation. But mainly doing work …

Mural painted on a wall at a Workaway hosts property.

Workaway Review (What To Expect And How To Use It)

If you are looking to travel long term while not spending a tonne of money then volunteering is a great way to do …

Calisthenics Park in Barcelona.

How To Exercise For Free While Travelling (Easy And Fun)

Although I love working out in the gym, in many countries around the world gym memberships can be quite expensive.…

Walking toward the Royal Palace of Madrid

16 Free Things To Do In Madrid For An Unforgettable Trip

Madrid is a bustling metropolis, the second largest city in the E.U. and the capital of Spain. It has everything y…

Barceloneta Beach - One of the free things to do in Barcelona

18 Free Things To Do In Barcelona (+ Fun Facts And Top Tips)

Barcelona is the most visited city in Spain and for good reason. It is full of amazing architecture, cafés and res…

Baked potato from Zenzontle best cheap eats Playa del Carmen.

Best Cheap Eats Playa Del Carmen (14 Places Under 7 USD)

Playa Del Carmen is a very popular beach destination in Mexico for tourists. Because of this, it is very easy to p…

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