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14 Best Cafes in Antigua Guatemala (+Wifi Rating)

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Where to find the best coffee in Guatemala? At the best cafes in Antigua!

Other countries such as Colombia grab all the international attention but Guatemala also produces high-quality coffee. Its high altitude and volcanic soil make great conditions for growing coffee beans.

We spent two months in Antigua and listed all the best cafes Antigua Guatemala has to offer. Plus, if you are looking for a place to work: Find our Wifi ratings down below! ☕️

1. Cafe Boheme (Best Allrounder Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

Cafe Boheme Antigua📍is in our opinion the best overall cafe in Antigua. It is easy to walk past on the street as the entry does not look anything special.

But behind the entrance, you walk upstairs and there is a beautifully decorated rooftop. It has a bohemian feel with many repurposed furniture and potplants scattered around.

The coffee at Cafe Boheme Antigua is very good and there is also a great selection of food. Try one of their healthy breakfast bowls!

The internet is fast and there are plenty of different working places for digital nomads. There are also soft couches and tables so you can choose how you want to work.

Whether you want to work, enjoy a coffee, or have some brunch Cafe Bohme is a great allrounder and one of the best cafes in Antigua Guatemala.

💻 30 MB 👌

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A cup of coffee sitting on a table at Cafe Boheme one of the best cafes Antigua Guatemala has to offer

2. Artista de Cafe

Artista de Cafe📍is a trendy cafe that is very popular with digital nomads and foreigners. It is a beautifully decorated cafe that has excellent coffee. The Americano here was one of my favorites in the whole of Antigua!

We didn’t come here to work often as it was quite busy. But we can see why people like it so much. It is nice and bright and everything is very tastefully done.

Make sure to check out the patio out the back! We missed it the first time we visited and it is a very nice place to enjoy your coffee outside.

💻 60 MB 👌

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3. La Vid Coffee Roasters (Our Favorite Work Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

La Vid Coffee Roasters📍was our favorite cafe when we wanted to get some work done. There is a large table set up just for working and the internet is fast. There are also a couple of other tables hidden out the back if you want a private workspace.

La Vid is a relatively new cafe and we never found it busy when we went there. But the coffee is fantastic and roasted on-site. There are also some delicious pastries available but no meals.

La Vid is the perfect place if you are looking for the best coffee shops Antigua Guatemala has to offer to get some serious work done.

💻 30 MB 👌

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A group of couches and seats at one of the best cafes in Antigua

4. Union Cafe

Union Cafe📍is a colorful cafe that took us a while to discover in Antigua. We really liked the colorful interior that makes it a nice and bright place.

I ordered my usual Americano here and it was excellent. It was also a great place to work. Quite a few other people were working and the internet worked well.

We recommend sitting in the front of the cafe if you are looking for the most bright space and bigger tables for working. But the back is beautiful and very tranquil too.

💻 35 MB 👌

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5. Alegria Cafe (Central Colorful Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

Alegria Cafe📍is one of the best cafes Antigua Guatemala has next to the main square. It is just meters from the main square and is a cool little cafe with excellent coffee.

They have excellent pour-over coffee that is very potent! I recommend sharing it otherwise you will be shaking by the end of it.

Alegria Cafe is small but we found it to be a good place to work. There is a long table that is perfect for working and the internet is fast.

💻 25 MB 👌 Laptops are not allowed here on weekends

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6. Serve Hope GT

Serve Hope GT📍is a cafe that is set up with digital nomads in mind. It is a huge cafe with lots of different work areas and even a table tennis table.

There is a large roof, and plenty of space to make calls without disturbing others. We would have Serve Hope GT further up the list but it did not have the greatest coffee. Also, the internet was very slow for us upstairs so we had to work downstairs.

But if you are looking for a cafe that is more of a co-work then Serve Hope GT is a great option for you! The service was also super friendly every time we came.

💻 15 MB depending on where you sit

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7. Contour Lines (Green Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

Contour Lines📍is a little hidden gem a short walk from Antigua’s city center. The cafe is focused on organic and local foods.

We particularly liked Contour Lines because they are involved in cool community projects. For example, they help locals to learn sustainable and organic farming practices.

They are also totally gluten-free so it is a great place to find gluten-free baking and food. Every time we went we were the only ones there. So it is a great place if you want some peace.

There is a nice green area out the back to enjoy a coffee or do some work. The internet is blazing fast and they also have yoga classes upstairs if you are looking for some exercise.

💻 60 MB 👌

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8. Cafe Cafe Guatemala

Cafe Cafe Guatemala📍is a very popular cafe in Antigua that is well known for its breakfast and brunch which is good and reasonably priced with many healthy options.

But what we enjoyed the most was the hospitality from the owner. She was so friendly and wanted to make sure that everything was perfect.

The French press coffee that is included with some meals was very good! I recommend it because you get free refills and it was a delicious chocolatey coffee.

💻 Cafe Cafe Guatemala is set up for mainly eating so it is not the best place to work.

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9. Japanese Cafe (Unique Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

The Japanese Cafe📍in Antigua is not called the Japanese Cafe. But on Google Maps the name is in Japanese signs so we are not sure of the actual name!

But the cafe is set up like a Japanese cafe and is owned by a Japanese who prepares everything traditionally. We had the best Matcha tea of our lives!

Also, the Japanese cheesecake was super light and delicious. Come here for some Japanese treats but not for work because the space is small.

💻 Not suitable for working

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A plate with cheesecake and a cup of matcha tea at one of the best cafes in Antigua Guatemala

10. Coffea Cafes Especiales

Coffea Cafes Especiales📍is an unusual cafe that is located at the entrance to a hostel. We liked the quirky square because for some reason there is a plane in the middle of it!

The seating area is very ordinary but the coffee was very good! The Americano here was one of my favorite in the whole of Antigua. Strong and full of flavor.

The only reason it is not further up the list is because the cafe doesn’t have the vibes other coffee shops in Antigua have, especially if you come solo. But if you are a serious coffee drinker I recommend sampling the coffee here ☕️

💻 Paid co-working space

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A woman sitting under an umbrella at a cafe in Antigua Guatemala with a coffee cup in her hands and a small airplane in the background

11. Cafe Estudio (Rooftop Cafe Antigua Guatemala)

Cafe Estudio📍has an awesome rooftop with amazing views of the volcanoes surrounding Antigua. It should be at the very top of the list of the best cafes in Antigua but unfortunately, the coffee and service are not that great!

We ordered an Americano and it was quite watery and lacked flavor. However, the views are awesome so if you don’t mind having an average coffee go there for volcano watching.

💻 Not suitable for working

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12. Cafe Condesa

Cafe Condesa📍is located right on the main square of Antigua. It is a cafe that is very popular with Guatemalans. It is a more traditional cafe so do not expect to see nomads working on their laptops.

We tried the famous hot chocolate and cheesecake here and it was good! Highly recommend trying it if you feel like a treat after a day of walking around town. Just be aware the hot chocolate is very sweet and filling, so we recommend sharing.

💻 Not suitable for working

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13. Cafe Sky

Cafe Sky📍is one of the most well-known cafes in Antigua Guatemala. It has one of the best views in town but unfortunately some of the worst coffee!

So if you want an awesome view but don’t mind how the coffee tastes then come to Cafe Sky. Or better: Skip the coffee and come here in the evening before sunset for a local beer. There is an amazing view of the volcanoes but you will have to arrive early to get a seat.

💻 Not suitable for working

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14. Starbucks (Sounds odd, but yes!)

Having Starbucks📍on a list of the best cafes in Antigua doesn’t feel right but it deserves its spot. It’s not your ordinary Starbucks. Of course, all products are the same but the space is beautifully decorated.

Starbucks is located conveniently between Antigua’s main square and the famous yellow Arch in an old colonial building. There are lots of colorful cool murals and art on the wall and everything is furnished very well.

Behind the counter is a beautiful inner courtyard and many rooms around that are ideal for working if you need to. We didn’t have a coffee there (you know how it tastes) but had a walk around and recommend you do the same.

💻 30 MB 👌 depending on where you sit

Did our best cafe guide Antigua help you out? Say thanks with a coffee here! 💛

This is our list of all the Best Coffee Shops in Antigua Guatemala – which one do you choose?

We hope you enjoy trying out all of the best cafes in Antigua Guatemala. It is a great place to be a coffee lover and one of the best places to sample local coffee in Guatemala.

Hopefully, our list helps you to enjoy Antigua even more. If you think a cafe should be added to the list, let us know in the comments below.


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