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12 Best Cafes in Laureles, Medellin

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We spent 2 months working online in Laureles, Medellin and it is our favorite part of the city to stay in. Over that time we tried to find the best cafe Laureles has to offer.

Colombia is known for having the best coffee beans. In recent years the artisanal coffee scene has exploded in Colombia. So there are loads of places to grab really good high-quality coffee.

Laureles is one of the best places in Medellin for coffee lovers. So let’s dive in and find out where the best cafes in Laureles are!

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1. Delmuri (Our favorite cafe in Laureles)

It is hard to pick the best cafe in Laureles as there are so many good ones. But Delmuri📍was my favorite place to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

It is located right next to the green and beautiful Parque Laureles. So you can sit out on the terrace and enjoy a nice peaceful view without traffic.

As with most of the cafes in Laureles, they source their coffee from local suppliers near Medellin. You can choose many different brewing methods: Cold brew, V60, Chemex, French press, and more.

We tried a pour over filter coffee and it was delicious. The coffee was super fruity and full of flavor.

Working Online 👍

Delmuri is also a popular place to work online so it is a great place for digital nomads. The tables are quite small so it is not the best place if you need a lot of space.

But Delmuri is also next door to Semilla Cafe which is a dedicated co-working cafe. So you can head there if you need to get some serious work done. It’s number 10 on this list.

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2. Naturalia Cafe Laureles

Naturalia📍is another awesome cafe in Laureles that has many options for vegetarians and vegans. There is a nice green area at the front and a larger indoor area that is popular with people working.

We found all the staff at Naturalia to be super friendly and there was always a good atmosphere. Naturalia has a much more limited range of methods for coffee preparation.

But the Americano and French press is really good here. If you get good quality local beans in Colombia it really is hard to make a bad coffee.

Naturalia also has a great range of food to have lunch and many baked goods for all types of dietary requirements (gluten and lactose-free).

Working Online 👍

Naturalia was one of our favorite places to work online in Laureles. There is a large seating area in the back that always has many people working in it.

The tables are big enough for a workspace and the internet is blazing fast. There is also good background music playing as well.

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A woman sitting at a table outside of a cafe in Medellin

3. Azul Cafe Laureles

Azul Cafe📍probably had my favorite coffee of all the cafes in Laureles. But that is probably down to personal preference as I think the roast was a bit darker here.

But whatever way you like your coffee you will find excellent coffee at Azul Cafe. They source all of their beans from Jardin which is a beautiful town just 3h from Medellin.

The only reason I have Azul Cafe further down this list is that the interior was a bit dark for me. But the seats on the street are nice to sit at.

Working Online 👍

We visited Azul Cafe on the weekend so we didn’t see anyone working. But in the reviews, people said they worked here at the internet was fine and there is also plenty of tables inside.

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4. Rituales Cafe Laureles

Rituales📍was the first cafe we visited in Laureles and makes really good artisanal coffee. They source all their coffee beans locally.

To be precise they get their beans from the La Sierra neighborhood (Comuna 8) in Medellin. So it is quite awesome to drink coffee that is grown in the very city you are drinking it.

La Sierra was for many years a very dangerous neighborhood but has transformed. So by drinking the coffee from Rituales, you support locals from the area!

We did a coffee farm tour in La Sierra after we found out Rituales sourced their coffee from there. The tour was one of the best things we did in Medellin! Book the tour here 👩‍🌾

Working Online 👎

Rituales is not set up for working online. There is a sign on the wall that states that you will need to buy food and drinks to stay longer.

So I would recommend going to other cafes to work and just coming to Rituales to enjoy a cup of coffee and learn more about the farms close by.

5. Cafe Rosa de los Vientes (Best cafe for pet lovers)

Cafe Rosa📍is a super chill cafe that was always full of locals hanging out when we visited.

The coffee is very good here and the owner is super friendly as well. The coffee is locally sourced and you can choose multiple ways to have your coffee prepared.

What we liked about Cafe Rosa was the atmosphere. They allow pets in so cute dogs were running around. Pet lover bonus!

Working Online 👍

Cafe Rosa is well suited to working online. The internet is fast and there are plenty of big tables to work at. We worked there twice for 2 hours and really enjoyed it.

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The seating area at Cafe Rosas de los Vientes in Laureles

6. Pergamino Cafe Laureles

Pergamino📍is a well-known cafe for brunch in Laureles. We did not eat there but all the food did look really good.

So if you are looking for a fancy brunch on a Sunday with excellent coffee this is the place to go. Also, because most other cafes in Laureles are closed on Sundays.

Pergamino is a trendy cafe so can almost feel a bit pretentious compared to other cafes on the list. But the coffee is really good and the courtyard the cafe is set in is beautiful.

There is also an impressive range of coffee merchandise for sale. I am usually not a fan of buying souvenirs but these looked very high-quality and unique. So have a look around.

Working Online 👍

We did not work at Pergamino but we did see other people working here. On the weekend it does feel more like a place for eating rather than working online though.

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Two cups of coffee on a table in Pergamino Cafe Laureles

7. Cafe Cielo Tostado (Tiniest cafe in Laureles)

Cafe Cielo Tostado📍is a tiny cafe that was just 100 meters from where we stayed in Laureles. They get all of their beans from Jerico which is another town in Colombia’s coffee region.

We read in the reviews that you can visit the farm where the coffee beans are grown. So if you are going to Jerico that would be a really cool tour to do.

The coffee is excellent here. The roasts that we tried were quite dark and had a very good rich flavor.

Cafe Cielo Tostado is located on a quiet neighborhood street. So it is an excellent place to relax with a coffee and just watch the local street life.

Working Online 👎

Cielo Tostado is a tiny cafe with only two small tables and a couple of benches. So it is not a good place to work online and take up their space.

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8. Cafe Zeppelin

Cafe Zeppelin📍in Laureles won the award for best interior from me. It is an old house that has been converted into a cafe so it has a really homey feel.

The terrace is full of plants and great to sit at if you want to be outdoors. They also sell beers here so it would be a cool place to visit for a drink in the evening too.

In comparison to the other Laureles cafes on this list, I didn’t find the coffee to be overly impressive. It was still good but was missing flavor in my opinion. But if you are looking for a cool place with food it’s still worth a visit!

Working Online 👎

Cafe Zeppelin felt like more of a place to have brunch than work online. But people in the reviews have said that they worked here. It is not clear how fast the wifi is so it may be best to work somewhere else.

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9. Smash Avocaderia

Smash Avocaderia📍is a cafe in Laureles that specializes in all things avocado. They have avocado toast, avocado smoothies, avocado cakes and more.

But they also serve great coffee. They are not a specialty cafe so there is not a huge range of coffee methods. But the Americano we had here was great.

The juices and smoothies are also very good here and the food looked delicious! So it is a great place to grab a coffee and a bite.

Working Online 👎

Every time we went to Smash Avocaderia some people were working. But personally, I would not want to work here because it is close to a busy road and the tables are small.

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10. Semilla Cafe (Best digital nomad cafe in Laureles)

Semilla Cafe📍is the only cafe on this list that is dedicated to co-working. It is located next to Parque Laureles and is always packed full of people working.

There are big benches and plenty of tables set up for many people to work. The coffee is also very good and they have great salads too.

Working Online 💯

La Semilla is dedicated to working online so is a great cafe in Laureles for digital nomads. If you sit downstairs it’s for free or you rent a private desk upstairs for 33,000 pesos (8 USD) for a whole day.

La Semilla is great if you want to go to a serious workplace. But for a more relaxed working environment, I prefer Naturalia which is the second cafe mentioned on this list.

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A group of digital nomads working at a cafe in Medellin

11. River Town Cafe Laureles

River Town📍is a cafe located in a hotel near the Parque del Rio in Laureles. The seating area inside is very peaceful and green.

Because it is not a specialty cafe there is not a wide range of coffees here. But they do make a good Americano and it is a super nice place to relax in.

If you are heading down near the river (one of the top things to do in Laureles, Medellin!) this is a great place to chill out with a coffee.

Working Online 👍

The cafe has many big tables that are great for working at. However, if you like to work there you need to spend at least 20,000 pesos (5 USD) every 4 hours which is fair enough!

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A woman with a pink hat and black singlet sitting at a table

12. Cafe en Calma

Cafe en Calma📍is another cafe that is located at the bottom of a hotel. It is a really small cafe but the staff is very friendly and they make great coffee.

It is located next to a fairly busy road so is not as nice and green as other cafes on this list. But still worth stopping in if you are nearby!

Working Online 👍

Although Cafe en Calma is a small cafe they are welcoming to people working online. There is a sign stating that they are a co-work and the internet is fast. I never saw anyone else working here (we went twice) but there is table space to work.

Did our Laureles cafe guide help you out? Say thanks with a coffee here! 💛

Enjoy the best cafes Laureles has to offer!

We loved our time in Laureles and all the cafes were a big part of that. Choosing the best cafes is very subjective but all cafes on this list are highly rated on Google, so there is a big chance you will love them too!

If you think that we have missed out on cafes that should be on this list let us know in the comments below. Also, make sure to check out our other blog posts from Colombia and Medellin below!


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