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Taxco is one of Mexico’s Pueblo Magicos and is not only exceptionally pretty but also has tonnes of character. There are many cool things to do in Taxco even though it’s a small place.

The town is not well known to international travelers but every weekend thousands of Mexicans come here, particularly from Mexico City. The narrow roads and alleyways snaking up the hill of the town are super pretty and awesome for exploring.

There are also some impressive caves located just one hour from town that are a must-visit. We were really impressed by Taxco and we think that it is an underrated place to visit in Mexico. So keep reading to find out all the best things to do in Taxco!

What is Taxco, Mexico known for?

Taxco is known for its beautiful white buildings, landscapes, old-school VWs, and silver industry. That’s why it’s often nicknamed as the silver capital of Mexico. The Spanish discovered silver here way back in 1532 which attracted a lot of migrants to the area.

As with many other towns in Mexico, a lot of the beautiful buildings were built by the wealthy owners of the mines in the area. But even before the arrival of the Spanish, prehispanic communities in the area also mined precious stones.

You can actually visit one of the prehispanic mines, which is one of the top things to do in Taxco.

A white VW trying to get around a corner in Taxco's narrow streets
A white Taxco VW navigating the narrow streets

Today Taxco is still known as a great place to buy Mexican silverware. Much of this is because of an American named William Spratling who moved to Taxco in the 1920s.

William Spratling encouraged the creation of local silver workshops. Before this, there was no silver working industry in Mexico and all the silver was exported before being turned into jewelry and more.

He also encouraged the use of prehispanic designs in silver working and trained locals to work with silver. Because of his efforts, he is known as the “father of Mexican silver”.

Silver production made Taxco well-known throughout Mexico. This along with the beautiful architecture and landscapes around Taxco has made it a popular tourist destination.

Now let’s get into the best things to do in Taxco and the top attractions to visit in Taxco.

1. Visit Plaza Borda, the Zocolo (One of the Best Things to do in Taxco)

The main square or Zocolo is usually the center of local life in most Mexican towns and Taxco is no different. Taxco’s main square called Plaza Borda is a small but lively area with a super beautiful church.

If you are visiting on the weekend it can actually get a little too busy here as there are no footpaths. Plus, traffic is still allowed to drive straight through the middle of the square.

But this will give you a chance to see the famous white VWs of Taxco which are the local taxis. Plaza Borda is a great place to people-watch and soak up the atmosphere of the town.

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Two VW's driving around the Zocolo in Taxco, one of the best things to do in Taxco
VW taxis driving through Plaza Borda

2. Admire the Church of Santa Prisca

The Church of Santa Prisca is the most beautiful building in Taxco and one you can see from all over town. The church was built from 1751 to 1759 by Jose de la Borda, a wealthy mine owner from Taxco.

There are many beautiful churches in Mexico but the Church of Santa Prisca in my opinion may be the most beautiful one, along with the central church in San Miguel de Allende.

The church is located on Plaza Borda so you will see it while visiting the plaza. But you can also see it from nearly any viewpoint in town due to its size and location.

The interior of the church is beautifully decorated and has many details so make sure you check that out too.

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A white VW beetle driving down a busy street with the Templo de Santa de Prisca in the background
Church of Santa Prisca

3. Wander the Narrow Alleyways

One of the biggest charms of Taxco is its narrow alleyways lined with white buildings. Getting lost in them is for sure one of the best things to do in Taxco.

I found that the alleyways close to the main square had the prettiest alleys and were a good place to start exploring.

Just be warned that Taxco gets incredibly busy on the weekend. So I recommend trying to visit during the week when there are fewer people and traffic and you can explore in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Katharina walking down an alleyway in Taxco - one of the top things to do in Taxco
One of the many pretty alleyways in Taxco

4. Ride the Taxco Cableway (A Thing to do in Taxco with an Incredible View)

Riding the cableway was an unexpected highlight of our trip to Taxco. The cable car takes you up to a hilltop across from the town center.

You get an awesome view over Taxco and the surrounding landscape and it is really nice to do this activity close to sunset. The cable cars are pretty old and small so if you are afraid of heights it may be a little scary.

At the top of the hill, there are a few places to buy food and drinks. But the best part of taking the cable car is enjoying the view at Hotel Montetaxco which is the next thing to do in Taxco on this list.

A return ticket on the cable car is 105 pesos (5 USD) which is expensive by Mexican standards but still pretty reasonable and worth it.

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Allan standing in front of the ticket booth in the shape of a cable car
Buying tickets for the cable car – the counter is a cable car itself!
A cable car in Mexico traveling over the top of a town as the sun is setting
Awesome view from the cable car

5. Have a Drink at Hotel Montetaxco

Hotel Montetaxco is at the top of the cable car and has amazing views that you should check out. It is a great place to grab a couple of drinks on the balcony by the pool and watch the sun go down.

The drinks are a little pricey by Mexican standards but the view is well worth it! We paid for one beer 60 pesos (3 USD) which in other places is sold for 30 pesos (1.5 USD).

If you are looking at staying at nicer hotels in Taxco, Mexico I recommend having a look at this one. The view is awesome and if you stay during the week the prices are very reasonable. You can check out the prices and availability of Hotel Montetaxco here.

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People standing around the pool at Hotel Montetaxco - a cool thing to do in Taxco
The pool area is for hotel guests only. But visitors are welcome at the restaurant above
Katharina standing on the edge of Hotel Montetaxco's balcony with hills and the City of Taxco in the background
The awesome view from Hotel Montetaxco

6. Take a Ride in a VW

The white VW taxis are an icon of Taxco and no trip here would be complete without going for a ride in one. It really feels like you are time-traveling when you see all the white VWs rumbling along the stone streets.

Taxco also has incredibly narrow streets that are often too narrow for two cars. So it is impressive to watch the taxi drivers navigate their way through the chaos of Taxco.

Because the VWs only have two doors all the taxis have the front passenger seat taken out so you can get in the back seat. It really is a unique thing to do in Taxco that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Taxco is located on quite a steep hill so if you want to go somewhere further away it is best to take a taxi. Just remember the drivers may try to rip you off. It shouldn’t cost more than 30-40 pesos for a ride anywhere in town.

The view out of a VW beetle windscreen as it drives up a steep street
Our taxi driving Taxco’s narrow streets
A group of white VW beetles driving down the street - an interesting thing to do in Taxco
VW taxis are everywhere so you never have to wait long for one

7. Eat at Casa Spratling

Casa Spratling is a restaurant located in the former residence of William Spratling. A well-known American who used to live in Taxco, Mexico.

The food at Casa Spratling is a mix of Mexican and Italian and everything we tried was fresh and tasty. Breakfast was also very reasonably priced with scrambled eggs for 85 pesos (4.5 USD).

We ate here a couple of times and there was always a very relaxed atmosphere. The house has been kept in its original style and decoration and some of the dining rooms feel a bit like eating in a museum.

It is a unique thing to do in Taxco and I can definitely recommend it for breakfast. Also, try the fresh beetroot juice mixed with orange juice!

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Allan sitting at a table in the Casa Spratling restaurant in Taxco Mexico
The outdoor seating area at Casa Spratling
A plate of scarmble eggs, salad and black beans on a table at a restaurant
Scrambled eggs, salad, and beans

8. Visit the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa (An Amazing Thing to do in Taxco)

Visiting the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa was definitely one of the highlights of our trip to Taxco. It was for sure the most amazing thing to do around Taxco that we found.

The Grutas de Cacahuamilpa is a cave system that is located about a 40-minute drive from Taxco. The caves are some of the largest in the world and their size really blew us away.

Allan looking up at formations inside the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa
Awesome formations inside the cave
Katharina on the walkway inside the caves

What is impossible to see in photos is the scale of how much space is inside. The roof of the caves are up to 80 meters high in sections and the path tourists are taken on goes 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) underground – which is just a tiny section of the whole cave system!

How to get to Grutas de Cacahuamilpa

To get to the caves from Taxco you can either take a taxi or a bus. To catch the bus you need to head to the main bus station in Taxco and look for the Grutas sign. Tickets are 46 pesos (2.5 USD) and the ride takes around 45 minutes.

The bus will drop you on the side of the highway and you will have to walk 15 minutes down to the entrance of the caves. I recommend leaving early in the day as the buses leave only about every 2 hours both ways and stop at sunset.

Ticket counter for the bus to Grutas de Cacahuamilpa
Counter to buy tickets to the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa – on the last sheet you can see when the buses depart from Taxco

When you arrive at the caves you have to go on a guided tour that costs 100 pesos (5 USD) and lasts for 2-3 hours depending on the guide. The tours leave every hour on the hour and are only in Spanish.

We didn’t find the language barrier to be an issue, as you can still follow the group and admire the amazing caves!

Too much hassle? Viator offers a tour of Taxco and the Cacahuamilpa Caves 🚐

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9. Eat Pozole at Pozoleria Tia Calle

Pozole is a traditional stew that is eaten all over Mexico and is very popular in Taxco. The most popular type of Pozole in Taxco is Pozole Verde (Green Pozole). Pozole has existed in Mexico since before the arrival of the Spanish so is truly a Mexican dish.

Pozole consists of large pieces of corn that are cooked with shredded pork or chicken along with a variety of spices. The soup is then served with radish, onions, and limes to garnish along with a stack of tostadas.

The most popular place in Taxco is Pozoleria Tia Calle. They have very reasonably priced and filling bowls of Pozole for 85 pesos (4 USD).

Pozoleria Tia Calle has multiple locations in Taxco. The one we went to was the one next to the main square. It gets very busy on weekends so be ready for a line if you go there in the evening.

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A bowl of Pozole with a bowl of Guacamole on the side - one of the tastiest things to do in Taxco
Pozole with garnishes and a serving of guacamole

10. Enjoy the View from the Christo Rey Statue

Taxco is located on a steep hill and at the very top of that hill is a large statue of Jesus. From in front of the statue you will get a really nice view over the top of Taxco.

We took a VW up and walked down. If you prefer to also ride down you can negotiate a return price with the taxi driver and he will wait for you at the top. This should cost around 100 pesos (5 USD).

The Christo Rey Statue is a great place to spend about 20 minutes taking in the view before heading back down. There are some bars and snacks to buy and it is a popular place to get the Mexican drink Michelada.

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A statue of Jesus overlooking the town of Taxco -  a great thing to do in Taxco
The Christo Rey statue overlooking Taxco

11. Grab a Souvenir at Taxco’s Silver Markets, or make your own!

If you are looking for a special souvenir from your trip to Mexico then Taxco is a great place to grab one. There are silver shops all over town with a huge range of jewelry. Plus, most of the open-air markets are located just outside of the city center.

On Google Maps, you will find them as Tianguis de Plata which translates to Silver Flea Market. You will also see signs saying Tianguis de Plata all over town in Taxco.

Taxco is also a great place to make your own silver jewelry piece. We found this highly recommended Airbnb Experience which looks like a great unique thing to do in Taxco. The host doesn’t speak fluent English but reviews said they had a great time with minimal Spanish.

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Allan walking through a silver market in Taxco Mexico
Walking through one of Taxco’s silver markets

12. Dine with a View at Rosa Mexicano

Due to Taxco’s natural location, there are many restaurants with amazing views. But probably the best view that we found was at the Rosa Mexicano restaurant. It is listed on Google Maps as Rosa Amaranto.

The menu consists of classical Mexican food and is fairly pricey by Mexican standards. But the view and service are worth it. We came for lunch and ordered Sopa Azteca, a very traditional Mexican soup, and vegan pasta. Both dishes were excellent.

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The view of the central church in Taxco Mexico from Rosa Mexicano Restaurant
The view from Rosa Mexicano Restaurant

13. Try an Artesanal Drink at Yolotl Cervezeria

Yolotl is a bar that specializes in craft beers and Pulque. It has an awesome outdoor seating area with a great view and a really relaxed atmosphere. There were also two of their sweet cats roaming around.

We tried their handmade Pulque, a traditional alcoholic drink from Mexico that has existed for hundreds of years. The flavors are changing so you can check their handwritten sign on today’s menu.

So if you are looking for locally made drinks off the beaten path this spot is for you!

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Allan sitting in the outdoor area of Yolotl with a glass of pulque in his hand
The outdoor seating area at Yolotl

14. Go to Bar La Casa de los Radios (A Unique Thing to do in Taxco)

Another great place to grab a drink is Bar La Casa de los Radios. It is a quirky bar and cafe in Taxco with a radio theme. The downstairs room of the bar is actually a little museum full of radios from a whole range of different time periods.

One of the bartenders even gave us a tour of the old radios when we visited. It also has a stunning rooftop view as so many bars and restaurants have in Taxco.

So if you are looking for a unique thing to do in Taxco at night with a view head to Bar La Casa de los Radios.

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Two bartenders working at the rooftop bar La Casa de los Radios with Taxco's main church in the background
The view from the rooftop of Bar La Casa de los Radios of Taxcos’s main church
A radio on a table with a beer next to at Bar La Casa de los Radios
One of the many radios – with a view!

15. Fuel up with Coffee at Balsamo Cafe

Throughout our travels in Mexico, we often found it hard to find a good coffee. But at Balsamo Cafe, we found great coffee with an awesome view to enjoy it.

There are plenty of cafes in Taxco to choose from but we found this to be the best. The interior is beautifully decorated as well and the staff is super friendly.

So if you are looking for a good coffee spot in Taxco, I highly recommend this one.

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The view out of the window at Balsamo Cafe - a great thing to do in Taxco for coffee lovers
View from the window of Balsamo Cafe

How far is Taxco from Mexico City?

Taxco is 177 km (110 miles) from Mexico City with a driving time of around 3 hours. So it is very convenient to visit Taxco from Mexico City. That’s also the reason it is such a popular destination for Mexicans on the weekends.

Hiring a rental car is a good idea because then you will be able to stop at the Cacahuamilpa Caves on the road to Taxco. But if you are not comfortable driving the best way is to travel by bus.

Map of Taxco Mexico showing Mexico City and Taxco marked with a red circle
Map of Taxco, Mexico

How to get from Mexico City to Taxco by Bus?

The most convenient way to get from Mexico City to Taxco is by bus. The company that makes the journey is Estrella de Oro and they have modern comfortable buses.

The bus takes about 3 hours and tickets can be bought on Busbud for around 260 pesos (13 USD) one-way. Estrella de Oro leaves in Mexico City at the Taxqueña bus station.

You will arrive in Taxco at the main bus station that is located right next to Taxco’s city center. So you can either walk into town or take a short taxi ride in a VW to your accommodation.

A green Estrella de Oro standing in a car park - a good way to get from Mexico City to Taxco
An Estrella de Oro bus will take you from Mexico City to Taxco

How many Days do you need in Taxco?

Taxco is a relatively small city so you could easily see everything in 2-3 days which makes it a perfect weekend trip. But if you are flexible I recommend visiting Taxco during the week to avoid the big weekend crowds.

What is Taxco’s Weather like?

Taxco has quite a warm climate year-round with average highs around 27°C (81 F) and lows of 17°C (63 F). The dry season goes from November to April while the wet season goes from June to September. We visited in January and really enjoyed Taxco’s sunny weather.

Is Taxco, Mexico safe for tourists?

Yes! Taxco is generally safe for tourists especially if you stay close to tourist areas. Guerrero, the state where Taxco is located, definitely has some security concerns, but if you are enjoying Taxco’s city center you will be safe.

Is there a Taxco Tour from Mexico City?

If you do not feel like making your way to Taxco by yourself or by bus then there are tours available from Mexico City.

Viator offers a tour of Taxco and the Cacahuamilpa Caves. The caves are one of the top things to do in Taxco! The tour starts at 7:30 am and you will get to spend 4 hours in Taxco and 2 hours at the caves.

In my opinion, it is always better to explore by yourself but this tour will take you to all the best spots in one day from Mexico City.

If you found this list of the best things to do in Taxco helpful or think I should add more to it, please leave me your comment below.

Now you know all the Top Things to do in Taxco, Mexico!

Taxco is an amazing Pueblo Magico that is full of character and off the beaten path for most international tourists. It is a great place to spend a few days exploring especially if you are looking to travel from Mexico City.


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