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We were in Cape Town for almost 3 months before we decided to visit Cape Point. We almost skipped it but were so glad that we finally decided to go.

The Cape Point Nature Reserve is just a one hour drive from down town Cape Town. The drive there is spectacular and once you arrive you will see wildlife roaming free in the park.

While we were there we saw baboons, ostriches, a rare zebra, antelope and seals. In this article I will tell you how to visit Cape Point and why you should visit this amazing place.

View from a lookout at cape point
View of Cape Point near the lighthouse.

What is Cape Point?

Cape Point is a point within the Cape Point Nature Reserve. It is often confused with the more famous Cape Of Good Hope. Both Points are within the same Cape Point Nature Reserve which is also part of The Table Mountain National Park. Cape Point and The Cape of Good Hope are a short walk from each other and easily accessible from car parks nearby.

How To Visit Cape Point, Cape Of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope sign which is about a 30 min walk along some cliffs from Cape Point.

Where is Cape Point?

Cape Point is about a one and a half hour drive south from down town Cape Town.

Driving route on a map how to visit cape point
Driving route from downtown Cape Town to Cape Point.

Because it is a long way from the city you will have two options to get there. The first is to drive yourself by renting a car. The second is to take a tour.

How To Visit Cape Point?

If you decide to drive you can rent a car in Cape Town for as little as 25 USD a day. You will also have to pay an entrance fee to The Cape Point Nature Reserve which is 350 rand or about 20 USD. Driving will also give you the freedom to choose what route you take there and on the way back.

The tour will take you back on the western side of the cape which is a spectacular drive. But it is the same side you will drive down on. If you have a car you could drive back on Chapmans Peak drive which is one of the most beautiful drives in the world. If you time the drive for the end of the day you may also get an amazing sunset over the ocean at the same time.

View of Chapmans Peak Drive
View of Chapmans Peak drive from above. Buses cannot access this road, but if you have your own car it is a spectacular drive.

If you decide to take a tour there is a daily bus tour for 819 rand which is about 50 USD. We usually try and avoid group tours at all costs. However we did not feel like renting a car so close to departing South Africa. So we reluctantly went on the tour, and we loved it! Below I will go through what to expect if you decide to book the tour.

Tour Review


8 hours. 9-30 ish to 17-30 ish

The website we booked our tour through was and the tour was called the Cape Point and Penguin Explorer Tour. As I have already said I am usually not a fan of group bus tours. However this tour was particularly good.

Our guide was a really funny guy who was very enthusiastic about Cape Town and wildlife. The bus was comfortable double decker so the views from the top were great. We also didn’t feel like we were pressured too much into any touristy activities which was nice.

One tip is that if you would like to get a seat on the top floor of the bus you should be selective with where you choose to be picked up from.

Pick Up Points

The tour leaves daily every morning and there are multiple pick up points around Cape Town. When you select your tickets you will be asked to choose a pick up point. The pick up points have times next to them so the earliest times get on the bus first.

We were picked up in Sea Point and there were plenty of seats on board. So we were able to sit next to each other on the upper floor. But once we reached the City Centre the bus was almost totally full.

This meant that lots of people who wanted to sit up the top had to go down below. Also some groups were split up as there were no seats left next to each other. It is a long tour so if you would like to sit next to your friend and have a better view up the top it is best to choose an early pick up point.

How To Visit Cape Point, The sea point promenade at sunset
Sunset at Sea Point where our pick up point was on the main road.

Boulders Beach


2 hour stop

The first stop on the tour is Boulders Beach. The drive there takes you out of the city centre where drive alongside Table Mountain towards Muizenberg Beach. The great thing about Cape Town is that any drive is spectacular, because Table Mountain is always there.

Once you reach Muizenberg the bus winds it’s way along the coast to Boulders Beach. At Boulders Beach there is a penguin colony which costs 152 rand or about 10 USD. The penguin colony is amazing and should not be missed. The contrast between the black and white penguins and the torquoise water is really beautiful. The penguins are also really used to people so you can get super close to them and they are not afraid.

The bay can get very busy but there are some boulders that you will see to the left of the bay. If you climb over these boulders or swim around you will come to some secluded areas where there are way more penguins and no people. So I recommend trying to find this spot.

Peanguins at boulders beach
Boulders Beach penguin chilling on a rock
Penguins at boulders beach
Crew of penguins in the more secluded area

We had already visited Boulders Beach when we did the tour. So we decided we would go for a walk to nearby Simons Town. It is about a 15 min walk from Boulders Beach and was a really nice small town to get some food and check out the wharf. We decided to get food in Simons Town as the restaurant the tour recommends as part of the stop at Boulders Beach didn’t look appealing to us.

We weren’t expecting much in terms of food from Simon’s Town but we found some amazing Korean food! So if you feel like getting something to eat in Simon’s Town I can highly recommend Minari Korean Kitchen. Great food and super friendly service.

Drive To Cape Point Nature Reserve

After Boulders Beach there is a half an hour drive to the Cape Point Nature Reserve. The road winds down the coast and there are some spectacular views of the beaches and mountains across the bay in the distance. You may also see some baboons on the road if you are lucky like we did.

View of a bay from the bus, how to visit cape point
View from the coast line after Boulders Beach

Entering the Nature Reserve

Once you arrive at the Cape Point Nature Reserve the landscape looks quite different to most areas around Cape Town. To me it looked quite similar to Scotland as there were rolling hills with low bushes everywhere. The reason for this is that there very high winds in this area so vegetation doesn’t have a chance to grow too tall.

Almost immediately upon entering the reserve our guide screamed to the driver stop! stops! We thought something might have been wrong but he had just spotted a super rare zebra. Unfortunately it was a long way from the bus so we did not get any good pictures but it was still a cool experience.

Something that made the tour great was that our guide was so enthusiastic about spotting wildlife. Even after doing the tours for 20 years! As the tour went on he spotted antelopes, baboons, ostriches and always made sure we didn’t miss them.

How To Visit Cape Point ostriches feeding by the beach
Ostriches feeding on the beach we spotted from the bus.

Exploring Cape Point

Once you reach Cape Point everyone gets out of the bus and you can walk up to the lighthouse. It is about a 20 minute walk up a failry steep hill but nothing too difficult. The views on the walk up and at the top are amazing especially on a clear day.

Allan standing next to the Cape Point sign, how to visit cape point
On the walk up to the lighthouse
Katharina looking at a beautiful beach, how to visit cape point
Beautiful bay on the way up to Cape Point.

Walk To Cape Of Good Hope

After returning from the lighthouse there is an optional walk to The Cape Of Good Hope. If you do not want to walk you can get on the bus and drive there. But the walk is real nice and not too difficult. The path winds along the top of some beautiful bays and then brings you down a fairly steep path to The Cape of Good Hope.

Plus there is a real good chance that you will see baboons on the way. You aren’t allowed to bring any food with you as the baboons might attack you and steal it!

Katharina standing in front of a beautiful beach how to visit cape point
Walk to The Cape of Good Hope
Group walking past a baboon
Baboons on the walkway to Cape of Good Hope
Baboons sitting on a cliff
Baboons would sit on this cliff top waiting for people with picnics to go down into the bay so they could steal their lunch!

Once you arrive at The Cape of Good Hope you can wait in line for your photo at the sign if you want. Or if you don’t want to do that there is a big seal colony near the sign so you can pass the rest of the time on the tour watching them. Then the tour is over and you get on the bus and relax for the ride back to Cape Town where you should arrive by 17 30

Is Visiting Cape Point Worth It?

Whichever way you decide how to visit Cape Point either by car or tour. I think it is a must do when in Cape Town. The landscapes are fantastic the wildlife is awesome considering how close you are to a major city. The tour is a little expensive if you are on a tight budget but I thought it was well worth the money.

Also if you have a group who can hire a car the cost will be much lower and you can also take a drive along Chapmans Peak Drive. So that would also be an awesome option.

If you have been to Cape Point how did you like it? Tell me in the comments below.

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