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Welcome Stone – Grenada’s Best Viewpoint

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Welcome Stone, Grenada sometimes called Welcome Rock is the most beautiful lookout point that you will find in Grenada.

It is located at the top of Levera Hill with a jaw-dropping view of turquoise waters, beaches, and pretty little tropical islands just off the coast.

We spent 6 months at Bathway Beach underneath Welcome Stone. In those months, we explored nearly every corner of the country. But no view was as beautiful as the one from Welcome Stone.

So keep reading to find out how to get to this special little spot!

Where is Welcome Stone in Grenada?

Welcome Stone is located in the north of Grenada right behind Bathway Beach at the top of Mt Levera. Bathway Beach is a beautiful beach and one of the best beaches in Grenada.

A map showing the location of Welcome Stone in Grenada
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How to get to Welcome Stone

To get to Welcome Stone you will have to drive yourself in the direction of Bathway Beach. Welcome Stone is located in a fairly remote area in the north of Grenada with no public transport nearby.

You can either drive to the top or hike up from Bathway Beach. We will describe both options in detail below and how to reach the lookout.

Bathway Beach in Grenada
You should visit Bathway Beach before or after Welcome Stone, it’s beautiful!

Option #1: Driving to the top

Driving to Welcome Stone is fairly easy as you simply have to drive to where Welcome Stone is marked on Google Maps. But just be warned that the road to the top is VERY steep!

If you have a small car it will probably struggle to get to the top of the hill. This happened to us but after a few passengers stepped out of the car we made it! 🚗

Once you are at the top there is not much parking space at all. You will see a wire fence around a cell phone tower station and a small area on the right-hand side where you can get a car in. If there is more than one car it will be a tight squeeze so be prepared for that, especially if you have a big car.

Option #2: Hiking to the top

From Bathway Beach you can hike to the top of Welcome Stone. It is fairly easy to find the way as Google Maps will show you the route to take.

Google Maps will tell you it will take 1 hour 17 minutes but it is a very steep climb in sections so expect to take closer to 2 hours to get to the top.

There is no dirt path up the hill you will just be walking along local roads. Luckily the roads are not busy in this area. So it is a pleasant walk through some Grenadian villages:

1. The roads will wind through the local village of Rose Hill. It is a sleepy little town full of colorful houses and friendly locals. It gives you the feeling of being in the Caribbean! 🇬🇩

2. After Rosehill, you will take a right and walk through banana trees until you reach a corner where a Welcome Stone sign has been made with stones. This is where the climb starts!

3. The road here is very steep to the top so be ready to sweat! The last 10 minutes are particularly steep. This is the same steep road cars have to take up when driving up.

We hiked up with a local street dog we looked after who was overheating on the way up! So make sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

A red and blue house among palm trees in Grenada

Welcome Stone Lookout

No matter if you have followed the driving or hiking descriptions above you will now have arrived at the top of the hill where the cell phone tower is.

You will not see any sign pointing to the path to the Welcome Stone Lookout. But you just need to walk to the left of the wire fence and follow the path around the back.

The path will then take you through the bush for about 5 minutes until you reach the amazing view. In the rainy season, the path can be slippery but there is a rope you can hold on to.

Welcome Stone’s lookout is located in the north of Grenada away from the touristy areas in the south. This means that you will most likely have the lookout all to yourself.

There will be boulders that you can climb up on top of. From there you will have amazing views of the coastline. On the left, you will see Levara Beach and in front of you will be Bathway Beach.

There are also three islands that you can see from the top: Sugar Loaf Island, Green Island, and Sandy Island (from left to right). Enjoy the view! 😍

Allan sitting on top of Welcome Stone Lookout with the blue ocean and sky in the background
A couple with their arms in the air sitting on a rock with a view of the ocean with some islands behind them

Other Hikes in Grenada with a View

Are you up for a challenge? Then you should hike up to Grenada’s highest peak Mount Saint Catherine! From there you can overlook almost the whole island and both coasts.

If you prefer a cooler climate and want to see a volcanic crater lake from above then head to Mount Qua Qua in Grand Etang National Park.

🥾 Trail descriptions:
– Mt Qua Qua (Grand Etang crater lake)
– Mt St. Catherine (highest peak in Grenada)

Now you know all about Welcome Stone Grenada

Welcome Stone is one of the most underrated places to visit in Grenada. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful spots in the whole country and you will most likely have it all to yourself.

It will probably be quite a journey to get here for you. But luckily there are many other places to visit along the way. So make sure to read our articles below for more ideas about what to do in the area!


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