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Have you ever swum in a waterfall that has half hot and half cold water and is colored brown due to sulfur? Or have you ever slid down a natural waterfall like in an amusement park? You can do both at the best waterfalls in Grenada!

The Caribbean has a lot to offer and visiting all the waterfalls in Grenada is for sure a highlight. So let’s dive straight in.

1. Mt Carmel Falls (Best Waterfall in Grenada for Sliding Down)

Mt Carmel Falls are my favorite waterfalls in Grenada. They are located a 10-minute walk from the main East Coast road and are super pretty and fun to visit. No guide is needed!

The top falls cascade off a steep rock face that is surrounded by ferns and a beautifully landscaped garden. It is a really beautiful and quiet area and you will most likely have the area all to yourself. We even had a local dog that came along with us and kept us company.

After visiting the top falls I recommend heading to the lower falls which are not as pretty but are much better for swimming. You can even slide down the middle falls, it is a bumpy ride but good fun!

The fact that the falls are pretty, easily accessible, quiet, and great for swimming makes Mt Carmel Falls the best waterfalls in Grenada, in my opinion. Especially if you come to hang out with your friends and bring a picnic.

Mt Carmel Falls is a 45-minute drive from St George. So if you are staying in the south you will need a car to get here.

TIP: It is not super clear where the entrance is when you arrive at Mt Carmel Falls. You just need to pull over and park on the side of the road (for free) next to the pin which is shown below. A staff member will show up from one of the houses and ask for 5 EC / 2 USD in cash. Then they will point you to the path which you will follow for 10 minutes until you see the first waterfall.

Quick Mt Carmel Falls FAQ

  • 2 waterfalls to see
  • No guide needed
  • Only 10 minute walk from the main road
  • 5 EC / 2 USD entry fee in cash, no amenities
  • Second waterfall is great for swimming + sliding down
  • Sneakers recommended
  • Hike intensity: Easy

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2. Golden Falls (Unique Waterfall in Grenada for Adventurers)

If you feel like a unique waterfall and going on an adventure, then Golden Falls is the one for you. They are called the Golden Falls because the rocks on the waterfall are golden brown from the sulfur in the water.

The reason there is sulfur in the water is that there is a hot spring that empties over the waterfall. So the water that comes out on the left side of the waterfall is hot! While the water that runs down the middle of the waterfall is cold. Super unique! 😮

It is really cool being able to sit under the waterfall and feel the naturally warm and cold water next to each other flow over you. It is a really unique waterfall and worth the effort it takes to get there. And boy, it’s an effort.

Getting to the waterfall is an adventure as you have to hike for 1.5 hours (one-way) through the jungle and cross a river 17 times. The path is really overgrown and you will feel like you are way out in the wilderness.

Tour to Golden Falls

It is technically possible to do the hike on your own. But it would be very difficult to find the right path (we would not be able to find it again on our own despite having been there) and there is a high chance that you get lost.

Also at the end of the hike, you have to swing around a steep corner with a rope which would be very dangerous without a guide as he tells you exactly where to place your hands and feet. So I highly recommend you get one.

Our guide was also a really nice young local guy from the nearby village who stopped along the way to show us different plants and fruits. Even picking some exotic fruits we had never heard of for us to try.

To book a tour to Golden Falls you need to contact Real Grenadian Taxi And Tours. They have a WhatsApp number on their Facebook page. Since it was off-season and we were a group of 5 the tour was 65 EC / 25 USD per person but can be double if it’s a private one.

Quick Golden Falls FAQ

  • 1 waterfall to see
  • Tour Guide needed, see info box above
  • 1.5h mostly flat hike one-way, no amenities
  • At the end you need to use two ropes to get to the waterfall (otherwise you won’t see it)
  • Sneakers (that can get wet), snacks, water, towel recommended
  • Hike intensity: Hard (due to the last section)

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3. Seven Sisters Waterfalls (One of the Best Waterfalls in Grenada for Hikers)

The Seven Sisters Waterfall in Grenada is a must-do when you are visiting the Grand Etang National Park in the middle of the island. It is located just a few meters down the road by car from the Grand Etang Visitor’s Center.

Like the name suggests there are 7 waterfalls in total to see. You can visit the first one (see pictures down below) on your own. If you want to see all of them you need to have a guide. We thought we would be able to find the other falls by ourselves. But we had no idea where to go without a guide.

When you arrive you will be offered a walking stick (included in the 5 EC / 2 USD entry fee) and the optional guide which we didn’t go for. The stick comes in handy as the trail gets very muddy at one point. So I recommend wearing sneakers you can wash easily afterward.

The hike is about 30 minutes each way and snakes up and down through the forest until you reach the first waterfall. It’s beautiful scenery and great for easy to moderate activity. At one point you have to cross a river balancing over some rocks.

Good to know: This waterfall is quite well-known and popular with tourists so expect to meet other people on the way. If you want more adventure off the beaten track get a guide to take you to all the falls. And enjoy the swim at the base of the waterfall!

Quick Seven Sisters Waterfalls FAQ

  • 7 waterfalls to see (guide needed)
  • No guide needed for the first waterfall
  • 5 EC / 2 USD entry fee in cash, no amenities, walking stick included
  • 30 minutes one-way to the first waterfall
  • Muddy up-and-down trail so washable sneakers recommended
  • Hike intensity: Moderate

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4. Concord Fall (One of the Best Waterfalls in Grenada for Nature)

The Concord Falls are close to Black Bay Beach (you should visit!) and accessible by (a long) hike from Mount Qua Qua at Grand Etang. But you can also get there by car from the West Coast Road.

Just follow the Concord Mountain Road all the way up to the Falls from this junction. If you are up for a nature walk you can also pull over your car any time and walk up to the Falls.

It’s a 45-minute walk from the junction until you reach the waterfall. We saw cocoa beans, breadfruit, nutmeg, pineapple, and bananas along the way.

The entrance to the Concord Waterfalls is 2.5 EC / 1 USD and you pay at the little shop (with good jam samples to try!) at the entrance. There is also a bathroom, changing room, and showers you can use.

Fun: While swimming at the waterfall you will see a donation box. It’s for the cliff jumpers: While we were there a guy jumped from the top of the waterfall into the basin and it was nerve-racking and exciting to watch! (Don’t try it yourself 😬)

Quick Concord Fall FAQ

  • 1 waterfall to see
  • No guide needed
  • 2.5 EC / 1 USD entry fee in cash
  • Amenities such as bathroom, showers, changing rooms
  • You can drive all the way to the Falls or walk for 45 minutes
  • Spot bananas, nutmeg, pineapple, cocoa beans on the way
  • Hike intensity: Easy (if you decide to walk)

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5. Annandale Waterfall (Most Touristy & Easy Accessible Waterfall in Grenada)

Annandale Waterfall is the most touristy waterfall in Grenada due to its location and amenities. It’s only a 20-minute drive from St George in the direction of Grand Etang National Park. The entrance is right next to the road where you park so no hiking is needed.

The entrance is 10 EC / 3 USD and you pay it at the shop by the entrance. A short walk leads you through a beautiful garden and a big restaurant (that looks and feels like a nightclub 🤔) to the waterfall. The waterfall is not super big but the big leaves and nature around it are beautiful.

In comparison to the other waterfalls, Annandale was my least favorite. It is still worth checking out but be aware of the tacky restaurant and that it can get crowded on the weekends and with tour groups.

Tip: Visit in the late afternoon. We went in the last hour before they closed and had the whole place almost to ourselves!

Quick Annandale Waterfall FAQ

  • 1 waterfall to see
  • No guide needed
  • 10 EC / 3 USD entry fee in cash
  • Amenities such as bathrooms, showers, changing rooms
  • No hike involved, easy accessible

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Now you know how to get to the Best Waterfalls in Grenada

That brings us to the end of the best waterfalls in Grenada. I hope you enjoy exploring the beautiful country of Grenada and its unique waterfalls. For us, every single one was a little adventure or fun to visit.

Which one are you going to visit? And is there any we have missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!


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