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20 Unique Things to do in Grenada, the Caribbean

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Grenada is a tiny island nation in the Caribbean that packs a lot into a small area. There are many unique things to do in Grenada that are different from your standard beach holiday.

If you feel like relaxing on the beach or staying at a resort then the south is full of spectacular beaches for you to enjoy.

But if you feel like experiencing the culture of the island, going on a hike, or checking out some wildlife then there are plenty of options for you as well.

So let’s find out all the unique things to do in Grenada to make your trip unforgettable! 🤩

What is Unique about Grenada?

In my opinion, the first thing that makes Grenada unique is how rural the country feels outside the capital of St George. I have not traveled much in the Caribbean but everyone said Grenada is much less developed than other Caribbean islands.

This is really nice because you feel like you are traveling back in time when you visit smaller villages. People are living very simple lives often in houses off the land. Many people have gardens in their backyards and grow a lot of food themselves.

Another reason people can grow a lot of food is because of the rich soils and rainfall. Grenada gets rain for much of the year which means the mountainous land is covered in lush green jungle 🌴

This also makes it unique from other Caribbean islands as no other Caribbean island is as green and hilly as Grenada. So it is always beautiful to drive around the country.

1. Go up Welcome Stone Grenada (The most unique view in Grenada)

Welcome Stone is in my opinion the best viewpoint in Grenada. It is located in the north of the island far away from the touristy areas in the south.

This means you are likely to have an amazing viewpoint for yourself. We visited many times and only saw other people there on one occasion.

From the viewpoint, you can see 3 islands and the crystal clear blue water surrounding them. You can also see Levera and Bathway Beach from the top which are some of the best beaches in Grenada.

We spent 6 months house-sitting with TrustedHouseSitters in Bathway Beach. It is an amazing part of Grenada that you really should visit.

⛰️ For a more in-depth guide to Welcome Stone check out our article here

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A couple with their sitting on a rock at Welcome Stone, a unique thing to do in Grenada
📍Pin the location on your map

2. Visit Pearls Airport (It’s abandoned!)

Pearls airport is an abandoned airport that is one of the most unusual things to do in Grenada. It used to be the main airport in Grenada but was abandoned in the 1980s.

Two planes were left at the airport. They have been slowly decaying over the years and are super cool to have a look at with nature taking over.

The airport is free to enter and is a great place to visit if you rent a car and drive around Grenada.

🛩️ Read how to get to Pearls Airport here

A man in a black t-shirt and shorts standing with his arm resting on the side of an abandoned plane at Pearls Airport a cool thing to do in Grenada

3. See the Leatherback Turtles (A unique thing to do in Grenada in nesting season)

Before arriving in Grenada we didn’t know that Leatherback Turtles laid their eggs on its beaches. What was even more surprising was that they laid them on a beach a few hundred meters from our house.

Watching Leatherback Turtles lay their eggs is an amazing unique thing to do in Grenada that we will never forget.

The turtles are huge! and it is an incredible experience to see them moving around on the beach. It feels like you are watching a real-life dinosaur.

Leatherback turtles have also existed in relatively the same form for almost 200 million years. So you essentially are seeing a real dinosaur!

The nesting season starts at the end of April and lasts until the end of July. So you can only see them in those months and you must go on a tour.

🐢 Read how to see the turtles here

Volunteers collecting eggs from a leatherback turtle. You can only use red lights as white lights confuses the turtles
Seeing a leatherback turtle in real life is a unique must-do in Grenada

4. Reach Golden Falls (A unique hot waterfall in Grenada)

A trip to Golden Falls is for sure one of the most unique things to do in Grenada. Most tropical destinations are full of waterfalls but Golden Falls is much different. It got its name because the surface of the waterfall is golden brown from sulfur in the water.

This is because part of the water coming over the falls is from a natural hot spring at the top of the springs. So at the bottom of the falls, you can stand under hot water!

It is also an adventurous hike to the falls as there is no clear path. The path snakes across the river many times and there are multiple forks in the river. So to get to the falls you will need to hire a guide.

💦 Read how to get to the Golden Falls here

Two woman standing in the water at the bottom of Golden Falls Grenada that is colored brown from the sulphur in the water and one of the best activities in Grenada
Golden Falls, a unique waterfall in Grenada

5. Find Black Bay Beach (A hidden paradise)

Black Bay Beach is a super beautiful secret beach in Grenada with dark black sand. The sand at Black Bay Beach is black because of debris from volcanos in Grenada. It is also a very isolated beach so you will probably have it all to yourself.

There is no direct public access to the beach so you will have to walk for 15 minutes between some farms to get to the beach. So if you are looking for an isolated beautiful beach this is the one for you!

🏖️ Read how to get to Black Bay beach here

Two people sitting on Black Bay beach with many palmtrees in the back
A hidden black sand beach in Grenada

6. Go snorkeling at Hog Island (Super shallow waters)

Hog Island is a deserted island just off the coast of Grenada and a short drive from the capital. The area around Hog Island is a popular spot for boat owners to anchor their yachts because of the calm sheltered waters. This also means it is a great place to go snorkeling or just relax on the beach.

🤿 Read how to get to Hog Island here

A woman in a bikini top and a pink hat sitting on a swing on Hog Island
Cristal clear blue water on Hog Island

7. Explore the Underwater Sculpture Park (A unique thing to do in Grenada)

The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park is a unique thing to do in Grenada that combines art with conservationism.

The park is a collection of sculptures created by English artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Jason has a passion for the ocean so we wanted to combine it with art.

His idea was to create a sculpture park that could attract tourists while also providing a habitat for coral and other sea life.

He chose to put the sculpture park in Molinere Bay. The reefs in this area were destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. So the sculpture park has helped the area to recover from the hurricane.

🐠 You can visit the sculpture park on a diving tour or a snorkeling tour. For more info read our article about the underwater park here

A man in snorkel gear sitting on a bench underwater next to a statue in the Granda Underwater Sculpture Park
That’s me!

8. Hike Mount Qua Qua (Amazing view over Grand Etang NP)

Grenada is covered in lush green mountains which means there are some great hikes there. But surprisingly there are not too many well-maintained paths.

Mount Qua Qua is probably the most well-maintained path in the country so it is perfectly suitable for everyone, including kids.

Mount Qua Qua It is located in the Grand Etang National Park and will give you great views over the Grand Etang Lake and the island from the top.

Expect to get a bit muddy! The middle of Grenada is inside a cloud forest so no matter what time of year you attempt the hike it will most likely be wet.

🥾 Read how to get to Mount Qua Qua here

A view of Grand Etang Lake from the top of Mount Qua Qua hike
Grand Etang Lake from the top of Mount Qua Qua

9. Go hashing with the Grenada Hash House Harriers (A unique experience)

Hashing is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Grenada. It is an activity that was started in 1938 by a couple of British ex-pats in Malaysia.

It is essentially a fun run through the bush or jungle with drinking and food involved. Contestants meet at a starting point somewhere on the island and then have to find the path which is marked by shredded up pieces of paper.

It is a great way to meet other travelers and ex-pats while getting outdoors and exploring the island.

🏃 Check out the hashing schedule here

10. Visit A Chocolate Factory (Try some of the best chocolate in the world!)

Before visiting Grenada we had no idea that Grenada has such good chocolate! But after visiting all the factories on the island we feel like we are chocolate experts.

There are 6 chocolate factories in Grenada. Fun fact: Because Grenada’s population is only 125,000, Grenada has more chocolate factories per capita than any other country on earth.

The chocolate in Grenada is so good because it is all artisanally made and not mass-produced. This means you can really taste all the subtle flavors of the beans in the chocolate.

🍫 Read about Grenada’s chocolate factories here

11. Eat Oil Down (Grenada’s National Dish)

To be brutally honest I was not the biggest fan of the food in Grenada. If you like barbecued meat and rice then you will be in heaven! But apart from that I didn’t find the food to be that great or unique.

But if there is one dish you should try it is Oil down. It is a unique dish to Grenada that you will not find in other countries.

Oil down is a collection of breadfruit, meat, and other vegetables that are cooked in coconut milk. The name comes from the fact that the stew is cooked until the coconut milk absorbs into the food.

Because of the coconut milk, it is a super heavy meal. So you will not feel hungry after eating it! Oil down is usually made for special occasions and on the weekend. So you will just have to ask around to find the best place to purchase a bowl.

A bowl of oil down one of the unique things to do in Grenada for food lovers
I had my first Oil down at Grenada’s Independence Day

12. Hike Mount St Catherine (The tallest mountain in Grenada)

If you are looking for an adventurous hike that takes you into the jungle and on top of Grenada’s highest mountain then you should hike Mount St Catherine.

It is one of the most physically challenging unique things to do in Grenada but is rewarding once you reach the top.

Before we did the hike we read a review that said “A machete would be useful”. We thought this was a joke until we did the hike and realized they were dead serious.

There were multiple trees across the trail and the trail was very overgrown for large sections which made it difficult to find the right direction.

🥾 But if you are still crazy enough to do this hike after that description, read our full Mt St Catherine Hike guide here. We did it twice!

A women holding on to a rope on Mt St Catherine

13. Learn about Nutmeg (Grenadas National Spice)

Grenada is known as the Spice Isle due to the range of spices grown on the island. The spices grown include bay, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, and nutmeg.

But it is particularly well known for nutmeg. Grenada produces 20% of the world’s nutmeg despite its tiny size. Around 30% of Grenada’s population also receives money from the nutmeg trade.

So it is a hugely important crop for the island. If you would like to learn more about nutmeg there are two nutmeg factories that you can visit, in Grenville and Victoria.

Both usually offer tours but were temporarily closed to the public when we went. So check in with them in advance before you go.

And if you cannot visit a factory keep an eye out for nutmeg trees while hiking around Grenada. They are everywhere and nutmeg is super interesting to look at when it is ripe. It almost looks like a fruit from another planet!

Fun Fact: The spices grown in Grenada make the chocolate in Grenada super tasty. This is because cocoa plants can absorb the flavors of plants around them. So because of all the spices grown on the island, this gives the chocolate made in Grenada a unique flavor 🍫

A hand holding a ripe nutmeg an interesting thing to do in Grenada
A nutmeg that splits open when ripe, crazy looking!

14. Walk around Lake Antoine (A Crater Lake off the beaten path)

Going for a walk around Lake Antoine is a free thing to do in Grenada where you are almost guaranteed to not see other tourists.

The lake is located in the north of the island close to the River Antoine Rum Distillery. There is a path around the lake and while it is not the most spectacular walk it is a good place to stretch your legs while exploring the island.

One of the most interesting things about the lake was the piece of roofing metal wedge in a tree at the entrance. The metal was blown in there by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Someone has actually written “Ivan 2004” on the piece of metal which is how we knew it got there.

It is interesting to see how powerful the winds of the Hurricane were. The metal looks like it has almost become part of the tree because it is wedged so deeply in it.

A man taking a picture of a piece of metal that is wedge in the trunk of a tree near Lake Antoine
The corrugated iron was wedged between this tree during Hurrican Ivan in 2004
Lake Antoine in Grenada from above which is a great acitivity in Grenada

15. Visit the oldest Rum Distillery in the Caribbean (Cheers!)

If you are a fan of drinking rum or looking behind the scenes a visit to the River Antoine Rum Distillery is a must-do activity in Grenada.

The River Antoine Distillery is the oldest distillery in Grenada. It also has the oldest working water mill in the Caribbean.

Visiting the distillery really feels like traveling back in time. Because all the methods and machinery used are so ancient.

You can visit the distillery and take a tour for 5 EC (2 USD). You can also buy bottles of rum there but be warned it is super strong!

We were given a bottle by some guests staying at the property we were looking after. But we used it for disinfectant instead of drinking because it was so potent!

Tip: You can also visit the rum distillery as part of a Full Day Grenada Tour. This tour will take you to Concord Falls, River Antoine Rum Distillery, a Chocolate Factory, and Grand Etang National Park. So you will see a lot of Grenada’s main attractions in one day 🚐

A woman in a red, yellow and green shirt standing in front of machinery at a rum distillery one of the best tours in Grenada

16. Listen to some steel drums (A unique thing to do in Grenada)

Nothing sounds more Caribbean than the sound of steel drums. You will most likely find a band playing at a restaurant or hotel that has live music on Sundays.

We were in Grenada for Independence Day and saw a steel drum band playing. They make a super interesting and unique sound that you have to hear.

What is amazing is that the drums are made from metal drums that are used to carry things such as oil. It’s fascinating that they are able to turn them into instruments that make such a melodic sound.

A steel drum group playing the drums all wearing yellow t-shirts on Independence Day in Grenada
A steel drum band playing at Independence Day

17. Live it up and go on a Sailing Tour (Fancy!)

If you have a bit of money to spend then going on a sailing tour while in Grenada is an amazing way to spend the day.

With Caribbean Horizons you can go on a 5-hour cruise around the coast of Grenada for 110 USD. Caribbean Horizons is a well-established company with good reviews.

Included in the tour is a buffet lunch and open bar. You will also have the chance to snorkel at the Underwater Sculpture Park. So you can combine two activities in one.

A sailing with its mast down at anchor with a green island in the background which is one of the best tours in Grenada

18. Celebrate Independence Day (A unique thing to do in Grenada in February)

Celebrating Independence Day is one of the most unique things to do in Grenada. Unfortunately, you have to be in the country on the 7th of February for it.

My favorite part of Independence Day is that the whole country including the people is covered in the colors of Grenada.

Every small town we drove through had red, yellow, and green flags everywhere. It made the island even more colorful than usual and created a really nice atmosphere.

The official celebrations are held at the Kirani James Stadium next to St George so you can head there to watch for free.

Tip: To celebrate with the locals head to Bathway Beach in the north of the island. The beach will be packed for Independence Day with loud music. It is a crazy atmosphere but for sure a very unique thing to do in Grenada 🇬🇩

A group of people walking on stilts in a stadium in Grenada
A woman crouched down in front of a red, yellow and green flag with Independence Day written on it

19. Party with Locals at Carnival (A unique thing to do in Grenada in August)

Grenada celebrates carnival every year just like most other Caribbean nations. Grenada carnival is called Spicemas and goes from August 1-15.

During this two-week period, there are many parties and events spread out all over the island. It’s best to ask when you are there where they are happening.

The main event is called J’Ouvert. This is where you will see many locals cover their bodies in used motor oil and put on horned helmets.

It is a really unusual sight to see people dressed up like this. We were not in Grenada for carnival but we saw people covered in motor oil for other events.

A man covered in motor oil wearing a helmat with horns attatched while marching down the road
A local dressed in the traditional J’Ouert costume

The reason for dressing up this way is not totally clear. But the main story is that many years ago the plantation owners would not allow the slaves to attend their masquerade evenings.

These were nights were the plantation owners dressed up and partied. So the slaves decided to cover their bodies with motor oil so they could not be seen at night and have their own party 🤫

Just be prepared for the music to be incredibly loud. Grenadidans like their music to be insanely loud. So loud that you will feel your organs shaking inside your body.

20. Drive the West Coast (An underrated and often skipped road)

Grenada is a tiny island so there are only three main roads that go north from St George. They are the East Coast, Grand Etang Road, and the West Coast Road.

The Grand Etang Road which goes through the middle of the island is the fastest and is beautiful. But if you are looking for a unique thing to do in Grenada you should drive the West Coast Road.

It is a stunning drive that snakes its way along the coast of Grenada. You will have amazing views over the ocean and will pass through colorful villages with steep lush mountains rising up behind them.

There are also some attractions that are definitely worth stopping at while you drive on the West Coast:

Tip: The Grenada Full Day Tour will also take you along this route. So you could take this tour if you do not want to rent a car and drive yourself 🚐

A bay with clear blue water and green hills in the background on the west coast of Grenada

Is Grenada worth visiting?

Yes! Grenada is worth visiting if you want to experience an authentic Caribbean island with many unique and hidden attractions.

It is not the cheapest island to get to and accommodation and food are quite expensive compared to other beach destinations such as Latin America or Asia.

So if you want a simple beach holiday then I recommend heading to other countries. But if you want to experience the Caribbean then Grenada is a great option.

Also, check out TrustedHouseSitters as there are always a few places available to look after in Grenada and on other Caribbean islands.

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Is Grenada safe?

Yes! During our 6 months in Grenada, we were asked this question a few times by visitors. The answer to the question is that it is most definitely safe.

Grenada is actually one of the safest countries in the Caribbean and we never felt unsafe. Except on windy roads when some cars drove crazy!

There are plenty of Unique Things to do in Grenada!

Grenada is a tiny island nation but there is a surprising amount of unique things to do there. I hope you enjoyed my list and it helps you to see some interesting places on the island you may not have considered visiting.

We spent 6 months in Grenada housesitting so we got to know the island very well. Make sure to check out our other Grenada articles listed below for you.


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