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Mount Qua Qua, Grenada: Hiking in Grand Etang National Park

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Grenada is a tiny Caribbean island nation covered in lush beautiful mountains and extinct volcanos. One of the best hikes in Grenada is Mount Qua Qua.

It is the second or third-highest peak on the island and one of the easier climbs. Mount Saint Catherine is the highest peak in Grenada but is a very challenging hike. Mount Qua Qua is a much better option if you don’t want to get too muddy and tired.

So let’s find out all about hiking Mount Qua Qua in Grenada! 🥾

Quick Hiking Facts

🎟️ Entrance is free!
🕚 Hike duration: 3h return
💪 Hike difficulty: easy (no guide needed)
🥾 Trail is well-maintained but can get muddy
🚗 You can park for free or come by public van
☀️ Aim for a clear day without thick clouds

Where is Mount Qua Qua?

Mount Qua Qua is located in the Grand Etang National Park in the middle of Grenada. The island is covered in lush mountains so it is a great place to go hiking.

Because of the elevation of the Grand Etang National Park, it is usually cooler than the coast. So it is a great place to visit if you feel like escaping the heat.

We stayed in Grenada for 6 months housesitting and always said it felt like the air conditioning had been turned on when we drove through Grand Etang because we didn’t have any in our car!

☁️ Grand Etang NP is covered in clouds for much of the year. Try to do the hike on a clear day so you will be able to see the view from the top.

Map showing the location of mount qua qua in the middle of Grenada
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How High is Mount Qua Qua?

Mount Qua Qua is 722m (2370 ft) high and the second or third-highest peak on the island. The trail is well-maintained so no need for a tour guide.

From the top, you will be able to overlook the Grand Etang Crater Lake which was formed by volcanic activity about 20,000 years ago and is the old crater of Mount Qua Qua.

👨‍💼 Do you prefer a tour guide? Check out this tour here.

What to Bring on the Hike

How to get to Grand Etang NP

Mount Qua Qua is located within the Grand Etang National Park. You can get to the National Park by either driving yourself, public transport or joining a tour.

By Car

If you have a car you can simply follow the main road through the middle of the island which will take you through Grand Etang National Park.

Just be warned that Grenada drives on the left and the roads are very narrow with many tight corners. So it is only a good idea to rent a car if you are a confident driver.

Grenadians drive very fast around corners so you will have a lot of cars flying past you. It isn’t dangerous but will take some time to get used to.

Also, you will need a Grenadian driver’s license that cost 60 EC (20 USD). It is a piece of paper you will get together with your rental car or at any police station.

🚗 When you arrive at Grand Etang National Park you will see a sign and a row of palm trees with an area to park on the right-hand side.

Parking lot of Grand Etang NP opposite an row of palm trees
The parking lot at Grand Etang NP

By Public Transport

The local ‘buses’ are vans that will take you around the island very cheaply. Just be warned that they get really packed so it could be a very cramped ride.

🚐 A ride to Grand Etang from St Geoge is 4-5 EC (1.50 USD), super cheap! There is no schedule, the vans leave when they are full.

To catch the van head to the St George bus station and look for the number 6 written on the windshield of a van. There will be plenty of people to point you in the right direction.

To catch the van back to St George simply wait on the main road of Grand Etang National Park and wave down any number 6 vans that drive past.

A sign showing the entrance to Grand Etang National Park in Grenada

Start of Mount Qua Qua Hike

Finding the starting point of the Mount Qua Qua hike was a bit tricky. We had to ask at the ticket booth in the parking lot where to go. If in doubt, go there and they will point you in the right direction.

🎟️ You don’t have to pay the entrance fee written on the ticket booth. That’s for another part of the National Park. Hiking Mount Qua Qua is totally free!

To start the hike you have to head to the end of the parking lot on the main road and find the green arrows pointing to a dirt path on the right hands side.

The start of a hiking trail in Grenada showing a work out sign and a rickety wooden hand rail next to a dirt path
Starting point of the Mount Qua Qua hike

What to Expect on the Hike

The first part of the hike is a nice jungle walk. After a few minutes in you will see arrows pointing to viewpoints. We skipped them and stayed on the main path.

Quickly the trail will start going up and you will have to step over roots and sometimes duck under branches. But the path is very well maintained.

You will also already get glimpses of the Crater Lake on your right-hand sight. But keep going, the views will get so much better!

Be careful on parts that go down or when it has rained as it can get very slippery or muddy at certain sections ☔️

After about 30 minutes you will get sweaty as the trail starts to get steeper. But you will also be rewarded with great views over the lake and coast on the way!

After about 2/3 of the hike, you will come across two crossroads with signs pointing to the left and right. The trails on the left are going down to Concord and Annandale Fall, one of the best waterfalls in Grenada!

Sounds exciting, but these trails are more challenging, take a few hours, and are much more overgrown than the Mount Qua Qua trail. So only follow them if you came prepared.

❗️If you see a fork in the path always take the righthand side to reach Mount Qua Qua’s top

Signposts to Concord Fall (left) and Mount Qua Qua’s top (right)

Arriving at the Summit

After about 1,5 hours depending on your fitness level, you will reach Mount Qua Qua’s top! So you can soak up the beautiful views and rest.

Arriving at the top is actually quite funny because the trail suddenly stops and you are standing in front of a flag with a big rock in the back.

There isn’t much space on the top either so for a minute we were wondering if we actually made it to the top. But there is no way to go further.

We ate our packed lunch and watched the clouds passing by. It’s super cool to see the whole crater lake from above surrounded by green lush mountains. Enjoy! ☀️

To get to the beginning of the trail just follow the same way back you came. It will be faster than getting up and you can enjoy the views even better than on the way up.

Mount Qua Qua Tour

The trail up Mount Qua Qua is well-maintained and easy to find. So there is no guide needed to find the way.

But if you prefer a private transfer from your hotel to the national park and a knowledgeable tour guide that can point out wildlife and plants on the hike then booking a tour could be for you.

We had a guide to the Golden Falls and learned a lot about Grenada’s plants and crops on the way.

🙋‍♂️ Book a guided Mount Qua Qua Tour here

What else to do at Grand Etang NP

Grand Etang National Park was established in 1906 and covers an area of 1544 hectares (3816 acres).

It is home to the largest river in Grenada and wildlife such as Mona Monkeys, birds, and armadillos. But those are hard to spot.

Note: All of these activities have a little entry fee of 5 EC (1.5 USD) per person.

🌳 See all Grand Etang Tours here

Enjoy Hiking Mount Qua Qua!

Hiking Mount Qua Qua is the perfect way to experience the natural beauty of Grenada while also getting in some free exercise.

Just make sure you go on a day on which the summit is not completely covered in clouds and enjoy a beautiful view of the coast and the crater lake.

💪 If you are looking for a more challenging hike then make sure you read our Mount Saint Catherine hiking guide. It’s tough but rewarding!

We spent 6 months housesitting in Grenada so we have lots of other articles below for you to read so you can explore the island to the fullest. Happy travels!


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