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Hog Island Grenada: A Beach Lovers Paradise

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Hog Island Grenada is a small little island just off the coast of the mainland of Grenada. It is a super popular spot with sailors who drop anchors off the coast to take advantage of the sheltered waters.

The island itself is not super popular with tourists but is definitely one of the top things to do in Grenada. It is the perfect place to chill at some quiet beaches and enjoy the Caribbean island.

So let’s find out all there is to know about Hog Island Grenada! 🏝️

Where is Hog Island Grenada?

Hog Island is located in the south of Grenada just a 15-minute drive from Grand Anse Beach. It is not easily reached by public transport so you will have to drive or take a taxi. Compare prices and book your rental car here 🚗

Most tourists who come to Grenada will stay close to Hog Island so the island is conveniently located. Despite this, it is still not overrun with tourists.

But that may change as the island and the surrounding area is up for sale and some major resorts have expressed interest. So make sure you visit before it is covered in big resorts!

Hog Island is just south of Grenada’s capital St George and marked with a red circle on the map below.

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Map showing the South of Grenada with Hog Island circed in red
📍Hog Island on the map

What to bring on your trip

There are not many facilities on Hog Island and it can be quite hot so I recommend you bring:

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How to get to Hog Island Grenada

There are two options to get to Hog Island:

  1. Hike to the island 🥾
  2. Take a water taxi 🚤

We chose to walk to Hog Island and then take the water taxi back to our car which we parked just in front of the Secret Harbour Hotel where also the water taxi departs and arrives.

If you choose to hike to the island you will need to follow the Hog Island Route on Google Maps (indicated by the green line below) which starts close to the Secret Harbour Hotel.

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Map showing the walking route from Secret Harbour to Hog Island Grenada
🗺️ Hog Island Route (green line)

Option #1: Hiking

After parking your car close to the Secret Harbour Hotel head to the start of the path marked as green Hog Island Route on Google Maps. It is a dry rocky road so it will not look like a typical hiking trail.

To be honest the first part of the walk to Hog Island is not the most pleasant walk. It is very hot and barren as there is not much of a breeze coming through the area 🥵

When we did the hike in May the start of the walk was very dry and dusty but it may change at different times of the year. After about 15 minutes the path will take you through some areas covered with bush which is nicer.

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Two woman walking on a dirt road in very dry brush in Grenada
Hiking to Hog Island

Arriving on Hog Island

After about 30 minutes you will arrive at the bridge that takes you across to Hog Island. There is a nice view over the waters around Hog Island where many boats anchor in the sheltered waters ⛵️

Once you are on Hog Island the walk is nicer and less barren. But on the island there are hills! So you will get sweaty.

When you arrive on the island there are a couple of forks in the road that will take you to Hog Island’s so-called 2nd and 3rd beach. (If you know where the 1st beach is, please let us know in the comments below! 🤷‍♀️)

If you take the right-hand side of the forks you will end up at Rogers Beach Bar which is where most people want to go. It’s also where we spent most of our time. But if you want to go snorkeling follow the left-hand forks which will take you to the 2nd and 3rd beaches.

Although we enjoyed the hike, I would only recommend walking if you feel like some exercise because it is not the prettiest hike in Grenada and it is very hot. Luckily if you don’t feel like a sweaty hike you can take the water taxi from Secret Harbour both ways.

3 best hikes in Grenada 🥾
1. Welcome Stone (Best View)
2. Mt Qua Qua (Grand Etang NP)
3. Mt St Catherine (Highest Point)

Two people walking over a bridge while hiking to Hog Island Grenada
The bridge you walk over to Hog Island

Option #2: Water Taxi

Taking the water taxi to Hog Island is by far the most comfortable way to get to Hog Island. It is a very short and fast but beautiful ride along the coast.

To catch the water taxi to Hog Island you will need to head to one of the local hotels. We took the water taxi back to the Secret Harbour Hotel.

If you arrive at Secret Harbour to go to Hog Island you can ask at the hotel and they should be able to arrange for the water taxi to come pick you up.

Another location you can catch the water taxi from is Le Phare Bleu Hotel. It is a fairly informal water taxi so you will have to ask around to find out when and where to catch it from.

The boat ride takes 10 minutes and is 20 EC (8 USD) one way and 30 EC (11 USD) return. If you want to take the water taxi from Hog Island to Grenada’s mainland you have to head to Rogers Beach Bar and ask one of the bars to call the fishermen that will bring you back.

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A blue boat in shallow tropical waters with many yachts in the background close to the shore of Hog Island Grenada
The water taxi that will take you to and from Hog Island

What to do on Hog Island

Most visitors to Hog Island will hang out at the beach by Rogers Barefoot Beach Bar. It is a super chill area with a few facilities such as picnic tables and sun chairs.

On Sundays, many locals like to come to Rogers Beach Bar to hang out and eat food and listen to music. During the week Rogers is closed and you can buy cold drinks, fruits and coconuts from another beach bar that is on the same beach.

Sunday is always a popular day for Grenadians to go to the beach and hang out with family and friends. We spent 6 months housesitting at Bathway Beach in the north of Grenada and Sunday was always the busiest day of the week.

So if you want more of a lively atmosphere make sure you come to check out Rogers on a Sunday. Otherwise, if you want a quiet peaceful day at the beach it may be best to come during the week.

🏖️ Tip: The beach in front of Roger’s has beautiful clear water at high tide. But at low tide, the water is nowhere near as beautiful. So aim for high tide if possible!

The beach at Rogers Barefoot Beach Bar Grenada
This is the beach next to Rogers Beach Bar. Make sure to come at high tide!
A pile of shellfish sitting in shallow water by the beach in Grenada
Huge pile of Lambie, a shellfish that Grenadians love to eat

Snorkeling on Hog Island

One of the best things to do on Hog Island not many people know about is snorkeling. Most snorkeling tours will take you to Flamingo Bay as it is easier to access from Grand Anse Beach.

But there is better snorkeling at Hog Island due to the reefs close to shore. If you swim just off shore there is a steep underwater cliff where the bottom suddenly plunges very deep. It is an awesome place to swim if you want to experience the vastness of the ocean.

To get to the best snorkeling beaches you should head to Hog Island’s 2nd and 3rd Beach. Not many people are there because there are no facilities here. So you will most likely have the beach all to yourself!

🤿 Tip: You will need to bring your own snorkel set or goggles because there is no rental on the island.

A red and grey rubber boat tied to the beach with a rope on a calm tropical island with several yachts in the water behind it
The shallow waters around Hog Island are great for snorkeling

Have fun exploring Hog Island Grenada

Hog Island Grenada is a perfect spot if you are looking for some quiet beaches with crystal clear blue water and good snorkeling. However, that is not hard to find in Grenada as it is generally a super chill place.

If you are looking for more of the best things to do in Grenada then check out our other articles below. We spent 6 months in Grenada house-sitting and got to know the island well.


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