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Taking a day trip from Salento to Filandia is a must-do if you visit Salento. Filandia is nowhere near as famous as Salento but in my opinion, it is quite underrated. It is full of colorful colonial buildings and is one of the prettiest towns in the whole of Colombia.

Filandia is so conveniently located in Salento that you could even choose to stay here instead. Filandia could be a great alternative to Salento for those looking for a slightly less touristy town.

So lets dive in a find out how to get from Salento to Filandia and what to do once you arrive.

How Far Is Filandia From Salento?

Filanida is only 35 km or 20 miles from Salento. The drive from Filandia to Salento only takes about 40 minutes.

Map showing the drive from salento to filandia

How To Get From Filandia to Salento

By Willy/ Jeep

The easiest way to get from Filandia to Salento is to take a Willy from the main square in Salento. Willy’s are colorful jeeps that are used as transport in the coffee region of Colombia.

The willy from Filandia to Salento leaves every hour on the hour and costs 7500 COP or 2 USD each way. To buy a ticket head to the main square and look for the lineup of colorful jeeps on one side of the square.

A lineup of of colorful jeeps parked next to a main square with palm trees in the background that is the best way to get from salento to filandia
The Jeeps called Willys can take you to Filandia.

In between the jeeps is a ticket booth where you can purchase tickets for many tours around Salento. Simply turn up here before you want to go to Filandia and buy your ticket. The Willys leave every hour on the hour so keep that in my mind so you do not have to wait around for too long.

To book your return journey you will need to buy your ticket from the main square in Filandia. When you arrive there will be a guy hanging around the Jeeps to buy a ticket from. You will have to specify a time that you want to return so you may want to walk around town first to decide how long you want to stay for.

By Taxi or Uber

The most comfortable way to get from Salento to Filandia is by taxi or Uber. Fortunately, Ubers in Colombia are very affordable compared to other parts of the world.

You can get an Uber for as low as 60,000 COP or about 15 USD. So if you have a group it is a really good option. The colorful jeeps are fun to ride in but are not that comfortable. Taking a ride in an Uber will be a much more comfortable ride.

By Bus

It is possible to get to Filandia by bus from Salento. But it is so much more inconvenient compared to taking a Willy or Uber that it is not worth the trouble.

What To Do In Filandia

Check Out The Mirador

One of the main attractions for tourists in Filandia is the Mirador which is located just outside town. It is kind of a strange attraction because there is just a large wooden tower built on a hill outside town.

But there is a beautiful view from the top and you get a 360-degree view of the green rolling hills surrounding Filanida. One cool feature of the Mirador is the pool in the center of the tower with a butterfly on the bottom.

Entrance to the mirador is only 8000 COP or 2 USD and it is just a 20-minute walk from the center of town.

A wooden look out tower on the top of a green hill near filandia colombia

Check Out The Sunday Market

On Sundays, in Filandia there is a nice market at the main square to check out. The market of course attracts a lot of people so it will be much busier than during the week.

At the market, there were lots of local products such as honey, coffee, and local sausages to sample.

We enjoyed the crowds on the weekend. A lot was going on and lots of colorful jeeps and cars parked around the square. It added to the atmosphere and we felt like it could be a bit dead during the week.

But if you do not like crowds I would recommend visiting Filanida during the week. Colombians love to come here on the weekend and it is much busier.

A market at the colorful main square one of the best things to check out on a trip from salento to filandia

Souvenir Shopping

We are usually not fans of Souvenir Shopping. We like to travel light so there is usually no space for souvenirs.

But the souvenir shops in Filanida had high-quality souvenirs for sale. Usually, souvenir shops are filled with junk that looks like it was mass-produced in a factory somewhere.

But all the shops that we checked out in Filanida had unique products that looked like they were locally made. Even though we did not buy anything the shops were still great for looking around.

A souvenir shop a cool thing to check out while on a day trip from salento to filandia

Hike The Barbas Bremen Nature Preserve

Around Filandia you may see a few paintings of Howler Monkeys if you keep your eyes open. It may seem like you are a long way from Monkeys and the Jungle in Filandia. But there is a nature reserve nearby where you have the chance to see Howler Monkeys in the wild.

The Barbas Bremen Nature Preserve is about an hour’s drive from Filandia. In the reserve, you have a good chance to see Howler Monkeys and you will feel like you are in the middle of the jungle.

A painting of a howler money on the side of a concrete shed

If you have a car, the entrance to the park is free, so you can explore the park by yourself. But for most people, the best way to see the park will be to take a tour.

A tour costs 90,000 COP or just over 20 USD. If you would like an English-speaking guide it costs 70,000 COP just under 20 USD extra per group.

There is no guarantee that you will see howler monkeys on the tour as they are wild animals. But you are almost guaranteed to at least hear them making their distinctive noises.

Coffee Farm Tour

Filandia does not have as many coffee farms nearby as Salento. This is one reason it is not as popular with foreign tourists. But there are still some farms nearby for coffee lovers to check out.

One of the best farms to check out is Coffee Tour La Palma. On this tour, you will visit a small family-run coffee farm that grows all of its beans organically and in a sustainable way. The owner Julian is passionate about coffee and also speaks English.

To book a tour you can send a message via Instagram here or call 3163316944.

A hand holding coffee beans during a coffee farm tour

Where To Eat In Filandia

Restaurante Cocina de la Loca

If you are looking for a healthy affordable meal then head to Restaurante Cocina de la Loca. The chef is very passionate about making healthy meals and uses locally grown ingredients.

There are also plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians. The menu del dia is 26,000 COP or 7 USD which is expensive by Colombian standards.

But in Filanida we found that the food was more expensive than in other parts of Colombia.

A plate of healthy food on a plate at a restaurant in Filandia Colombia
Our healthy meal from Restaurante Cocina De Loca.

Restaurante Jose Fernando – is the most well-known restaurant in Filanida. It is a beautiful restaurant located within a traditional colonial building. They make traditional Colombian food with a modern touch. Mains cost around 12 USD each which is expensive by Colombian standards. But is good value for money considering how nice the restaurant is.

Helena Adentro “La Casa Rosada” – is another of Filandia’s most popular restaurants. It has fantastic Colombian food with mains costing around 10 USD. Go here if you would to eat your meal with a great view.

Where To Stay In Filandia

Below are two great options for travelers looking for an affordable option.

Three House Hostel Boutique

If you are looking for a hostel in Filanida then you should head to Three House Hostel Boutique. It has excellent reviews and has dorm beds for as low as 10 USD per night.

Vivienda Turistica Yerbabuena

Another very affordable option is Vivienda Turistica Yerbabuena. It is a very casual guesthouse with private rooms for 25 USD per night.

Two old man playing instruments in the street in Filandia colombia
Some local Filandia musicians

Now You Know How To Get From Filandia To Salento

A day trip from Salento to Filandia is a must-do while you are in Salento. The town itself is even prettier than Salento in my opinion and it is so easy to visit by jumping in a Willy at the main square.

We were surprised at how pretty and nice Filandia was when Salento gets so much more attention. If you have visited Filandia let us know in the comments how you liked it.

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